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Donald Trump: The Fascists In The White House

AFRICANGLOBE - The tirades by Donald Trump over the past three days have no precedent in the history of the US presidency. Trump, backed by a cabal of advisors in the White House, speaks openly as a fascist, demonizing people of different races and national origins and declaring that those who oppose his administration’s policies are disloyal to the country and should leave it.

Deranged White Males With Guns Are Trump’s Biggest Problem, Not Ilhan...

AFRICANGLOBE - Clearly, the United States is confronted with a domestic white nationalist terrorism crisis, one inspired by deeds and the rhetoric of the current occupant of the White House, and in deflecting blame to a pair of Muslim congresswomen, Trump and the GOP are only further exacerbating what has become the country’s number one terrorist threat: deranged conspiracy consuming white males with guns.

The Lying King – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Today, we have a distortion of the classic tale called, “The Lying King”. It is about a President of the United States who loves to deceive, demean, disparage, delude, divide and disrupt the world’s greatest so-called democracy by being the most dishonest President in American History! The modern story talks about a President that appears to be compromised by the Kremlin, puppetized by Vladimir Putin and controlled by nationalists, supremacists and card carrying closet klansmen!