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Video Catches Brazilian Death Squad Assaulting And Breaking Black Woman’s Arm

AFRICANGLOBE - Another cop story from Rio. This notorious mob of law enforcement has done it again! Last year, Military Police made headlines and left of us mourning due to the horrendous shooting and dragging death of Cláudia Ferreira da Silva.

Isabel dos Santos’ Bid For Portugal Telecom Remains Unchanged

AFRICANGLOBE - A takeover offer of 1.35 euros a share for Portugal Telecom by Angolan entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos will be maintained. And despite the stock's 25 percent rise since her bid almost three weeks ago, dos Santos consider's it a fair deal.

How An African Princess (Isabel Dos Santos) Banked $3 Billion In...

Oil is Angola’s greatest natural asset. The country produces 650 million barrels per year, most of it exported. The state-owned oil firm, Sonangol, is so profitable that it was only a matter of time before the Dos Santos family would start looking for ways to hitch a ride on its success. Isabel’s banking partner, billionaire Americo Amorim, would play the key role.

Isabel Dos Santos, Daughter Of Angola’s President Country’s First Female Billionaire

AFRICANGLOBE - Over the past few years Isabel dos Santos, the oldest daughter of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has been buying more shares of publicly traded companies in Portugal, including shares in a bank and a cable TV company. Those stakes, combined with assets Isabel dos Santos owns in at least one bank in Angola, have pushed her net worth over the $1 billion mark, making the 40-year-old Angola’s first female billionaire.

After 33 Years in Power, Why is Angola’s President Seeking 5...

AFRICANGLOBE - Angola's President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the country's long serving leader is seeking five more years in power in order to "rebuild" an already booming economy in a country that suffered nearly three decades of war.

Angola’s Long-Serving President Seeks Another Term

Angola's President Jose Eduardo dos Santos will seek a new term with former state oil company head Manuel Vicente as his vice- president in...