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8 Facts About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That Will Surprise...

AFRICANGLOBE - Although Dr. Martin Luther King is one of U.S. history's most widely chronicled individuals, there are aspects of his life that are less well-known than the pivotal speeches, the campaigns against Jim Crow city halls from Montgomery in 1955 to Memphis in 1968, and the dalliances that for some, tainted his personal life. King was as complex a figure as exists in our social narrative.

Letter To Martin Luther King Reveals How Evil The FBI Really...

AFRICANGLOBE - A scathing letter sent by the FBI to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has been uncovered, pulling back the curtain on the FBI’s efforts to discredit the leader as his popularity grew. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is depicted as evil and a fraud in the letter that urges the civil rights icon to commit suicide. The letter calls Dr. King “evil,” a “fraud,” and a “dissolute, abnormal moral imbecile.”

Dr. King’s Struggle With Black America’s Capital To Labor Ratio

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the important aspects in the remembrance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is that he, like all of us, was an evolving human being who readily admitted that as impactful as his work in the civil rights movement was, it had not reached the root of the problem facing Black Americans.

Charlie Rangel Is Right: The Tea Party Is Full Of ‘White...

To borrow from Rachel Jeantel, a political organization that lures and attracts White racists cannot help but be full of “creepy ass crackas”. Representative Charlie Rangel simply stated a plain on the face truth about the Tea Party that is supported by a critical mass of evidence—anecdotal, systematic, and empirical.

Where Is The African Dream – A Must Read Article

AFRICANGLOBE - It is not an African dream to see our leaders running to Europe every week for expensive “routine medical check-ups” while the ordinary African is left at the mercy of the collapsed health infrastructure. It was never an African dream for our leaders to continue running to China and America, begging for loans..

Dr. King’s Dream of Economic Equality Deferred as Racial Wealth Disparities...

AFRICANGLOBE - According to a new report, the recent recession, with its string of foreclosures that are disproportionately affecting Black people, demonstrates that policies encouraging homeownership as a path to building wealth in Black communities are flawed.

Another Side Of Dr. King: Black Economic Power

AFRICANGLOBE - It is important to note that these ideas that Dr. King had on Black politics and economics are the same positions that Malcolm X communicated in his definition of the political and economic aspects of Black nationalism. The reason this is important is the FBI felt it would be necessary to eliminate Dr. King if he were to use Black nationalist tactics.

How We Can Truly Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

AFRICANGLOBE - In his last Sunday sermon at Washington National Cathedral, Dr. Martin Luther King retold the parable of the rich man, Dives, who ignored the poor and sick man, Lazarus, who came every day seeking crumbs from Dives’ table. Dives went to hell, Dr. King said, not because he was rich but because he did not realize his wealth was his opportunity to bridge the gulf separating him from his brother