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Eko Atlantic: A New Mega City Development On the Lagos Coastline

 To keep the ocean at bay forever, a wall – The Great Wall of Lagos – is rising. From the Bar Beach Waterfront of...

Meet The Man Who’s Shaping Africa’s Future

Just like the great American civil right activist Martin Luther King Jnr. had a dream of an equal social existence, so did Ghanaian-born entrepreneur,...

Jay-Z Living the American Dream

Jay-Z has accomplished a lot in his career, but his latest feat has him feeling that like he's living the American dream. The 42-year-old music...

Who Will Throw the Barbarians Out of Timbuktu?

I remember Timbuktu, the City of 333 Saints. Sitting with a drink on a terrace overlooking a street and a parking lot. Wandering through...

Video Vixen Melyssa Ford Guest Speaker at NAACP Convention

You can imagine the shock in my face when I saw a recent invitation to the Leadership 500 Summit, sponsored by the NAACP.  On the...