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The Mayan Calendar: Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday

AFRICANGLOBE - In the language of Maya scholars, 13 Bak'tuns or 13 times 144,000 days elapsed between the two dates. This was a significant interval in Maya theology, but, stresses Carlson, not a destructive one. None of the thousands of ruins, tablets, and standing stones that archeologists have examined foretell an end of the world.

The New Fight Over Who Owns the Earth

AFRICANGLOBE - In his recent book, Fred Pearce examines the dynamics behind large-scale land acquisitions and their social, environmental and developmental effects. "Buy land. They...

Canadian Firm Finds More Rare Earth Mineral Deposits in Kenya

Kenya could get a better estimate of the total deposits of rare earth minerals in Kwale County by June this year, a Canadian firm...

'No More Excuses From Shell After UN Report'

Nigeria's Niger Delta region has for 50 years suffered severe pollution as a direct result of the drilling for oil. The UN says Shell and the Nigerian government are to blame for the problem going on for so long.