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Mwalimu Julius Nyerere: A True Pan-Africanist

AFRICANGLOBE - Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was very committed to the cause of African Unity. He worked hard with other African leaders to bring the newly independent countries closer together. He was one of the founder leaders of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in May 1963.

African Leaders Launch Africa’s Largest Free Trade Area

AFRICANGLOBE - The proposed “Grand” FTA will stretch from Cape Town to Cairo, creating an integrated market with a combined population of almost 600 million people and a total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of about US$1 trillion.

East Africa Seeks $43b For Key Infrastructure Projects

AFRICANGLOBE - The East African Community is seeking at least $43 billion to fund key infrastructure projects for the next 10 years as it moves to address its current huge infrastructure gap. The infrastructure projects include railway, energy, ports and harbours, inland waterways and information and communications technology (ICT).

East African States Give Troops For New Standby Force

AFRICANGLOBE - Security challenges occasioned by terrorism and rebel movements have forced East African Community member states to make generous commitments to a proposed Eastern Africa Standby Force in the form of personnel and equipment.

Uhuru Kenyatta Now Key Regional Point Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Experts in foreign relations opine President Uhuru Kenyatta has performed better on the international platform than on the domestic front since assuming office a year ago.

East Africa to Accept Regional Currencies

AFRICANGLOBE - Residents of Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania will now be able to travel with their respective national currencies in other East African Community (EAC) countries and make digital cross-border cash transactions in real time.

Somalia, South Sudan Set To Join East African Community This Year

AFRICANGLOBE - Eastern Africa hotspots Somalia and South Sudan could be admitted to the East African Community later this year after the bloc’s council of ministers put the ascensions top of the 2014 agenda. The EAC secretariat said it was vetting South Sudan for possible admission into the regional bloc by April despite the security concerns in the world’s newest state.

Kenya Seeks to Grow Trade With Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya is pushing for stronger trade relations with Ethiopia due to its huge market potential, as well as a means of boosting regional security. Increased bilateral relations will benefit both countries as Kenya is looking to secure a larger market for its companies, while Ethiopia wants to have an alternative transport corridor for its goods.

What Happens When the Sleeping Giant of Congo Awakes

The DR Congo’s total mineral wealth is estimated to be worth a mind-boggling $24 trillion, more than the GDP of Europe and the US combined. It holds more than 70 per cent of the world’s coltan, used to make vital components of mobile phones, 30 per cent of the world’s diamond reserves and vast deposits of cobalt, copper and bauxite. Additionally, the DR Congo contains huge quantities of gold, platinum, oil, tin and uranium — indeed, of nearly every other precious mineral on the planet.

EAC Prepares to Admit South Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - The East African Community has set aside a budget for the admission of South Sudan into the bloc even though Juba may have to wait until 2016 to fully join. The process, to start after the EAC Council of Ministers meeting in August, is projected to take at least four years.

Uganda Wants to Run the Port of Mombasa

AFRICANGLOBE - Uganda is seeking to participate in management of Mombasa port and other ports in the East African Community, a senior government official has said.

Trade Barriers Cost Africa U.S.$20 Billions Yearly

African states including the East African Community (EAC) member states have been urged to dismantle trade barriers in a move that would enable them...

What Triggered Islamic Chaos in East Africa?

Economic growth in the East African Community (EAC) partner states could drop considerably if leaders in the region fail to halt the relenting religious...

Accelerating the East African Integration Process

The East African Community (EAC) integration has reached a critical stage that requires the partner states to work closely to stump out any barriers...

East Africa’s Political Puzzle

Oil, electricity and agriculture are set to transform East Africa over the next decade. And in the regional jigsaw, politics, economics and security will...

East African Community Resume Single Currency Talks

The task force negotiating the draft East African monetary union protocol has been urged to use the latest round of negotiations to resolve outstanding...