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Bad Advice: Decriminalise Homosexuality And Drugs, WHO Tells Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - East African countries are in a dilemma over how to implement the latest World Health Organisation recommendation calling for the decriminalisation of drug use and homosexuality

East Africa’s Oil And Gas Discoveries Could Kick-Start Economic Boom

AFRICANGLOBE - East African oil and gas discoveries are poised to fundamentally transform the economies of the region as the fuel resources usher in new investment in road, rail, power and industrial infrastructure, according to Standard Bank.

Integrating East Africa’s Markets

AFRICANGLOBE - Following the establishment of the Customs Union in 2005, and then the Common Market in 2010, on 30 November 2013 five East African countries reached the agreement on the Monetary Union Protocol, which is the next step in regionalising the economy.

African Solution: East African Countries To Deploy Troops To South Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - East African leaders on Thursday authorised the prompt deployment of a Protection and Deterrent Force from the region to help restore peace and stability in South Sudan.

East Africa Set To Discuss Joint Military Force

AFRICANGLOBE - East African countries will meet on Monday, in Nairobi, to discuss the way forward for a joint regional military response to conflicts in the region. Top on the agenda is how to fast-track the Eastern Africa Standby Force.

East African Nations Agree On Single Currency

AFRICANGLOBE - Heads of state of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, which have already signed a common market and a single customs union, said on Saturday that the protocol would allow them to progressively converge their currencies.

Uganda, Kenya Recharge Plans For Oil Pipeline Link

AFRICANGLOBE - Uganda and Kenya have recharged plans for an oil pipeline aimed at transporting petroleum products between the two east African countries. Analysts praised...

East Africa Advised to Share Oil Infrastructure

East African countries have been urged to design common oil and gas infrastructure to take advantage of economies of scale and avoid wasteful duplication...