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Arab ISIL Terrorists Claims Kidnapping Of Three African Christians In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - ISIL has kidnapped three African Christians in eastern Libya, the group said, publishing their passport pictures. The men come from Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana, ISIL said in a statement on social media, without elaborating.

Egyptian Army Massing For Invasion Of Eastern Libya?

AFRICANGLOBE - The Middle East is on the brink of its fourth war (after Syria, Iraq and Yemen). Military and intelligence sources report that Egypt is massing large-scale ground and air forces in the Western Desert along the Libyan border, in preparation for a military campaign to capture eastern Libya

Imperialism And The Catastrophe In Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The world is now witnessing the consequences of the recklessness, brutality, greed and limitless stupidity of Washington and its NATO allies. Responsibility for the disaster in Libya lies squarely with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the initial champion of a NATO war in Libya; President Obama, whose administration provided the bulk of the firepower that shattered Libya’s armed forces and its major cities; and the NATO allied powers that joined in this murderous adventure. What is unfolding across the Middle East today is an indictment of imperialism, its ruling elites, its political servants and its lying media.

Libyan Rebels Threaten Secession Over Rival Parliament

AFRICANGLOBE - Libyan rebels who have seized oil ports in the past to press their demand for regional autonomy said on Friday they would declare independence in the east if the world recognized a rival parliament.

Eastern Libya Declares Self-Government

AFRICANGLOBE - Eastern Libya has declared an autonomous regional government with an official ceremony, challenging the country's weak central government that failed to assume unifying power over rebels and various tribes since the 2011 war toppled Muammar Gaddafi.

Eastern Libya Declares Autonomy

AFRICANGLOBE - Libya's oil-rich eastern region declared self-governance on Saturday. Cyrenaica is a federal territory within the framework of the Libyan state, and as of Saturday June 1st, will start to run its own affairs

Libya’s Slow Disintegration Comes As No Surprise

After having initiated the uprising that eventually ousted Muammar Gaddafi last September, on March 6th, authorities in Benghazi, through their leader,Ahmed Zubair Senussi, declared...

Fear of Disintegration in Libya as Benghazi Declares Autonomy

Tribal leaders and militia commanders have declared oil-rich eastern Libya a semiautonomous state, a unilateral move that the interim head of state called a...

New Libya Off to a Shaky Start

It's been almost a year since Benghazi launched its uprising against former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi and three months since he was killed, but there is a growing sense of frustration in eastern Libya with the National Transitional Council. Two weeks ago, a group of protesters attacked the Council's Benghazi headquarters as chairman Mustafa Abdeljalil was inside, forcing him to flee through the back door.