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The Perils Of The Politics Of Symbolism

AFRICANGLOBE - Ghoulish as it may sound, the Charleston church massacre has given a shot of adrenalin to the Black Misleadership Class, especially the old-school preachers, who can wage symbolic struggle against the demons that live in people’s hearts, while presenting no threat whatsoever to the rich men that rule the United States, or their police.

Ebay Removes Holocaust “Memorabilia” Why Not Do The Same With Items...

AFRICANGLOBE - Public pressure has forced eBay to pull items related to the Jewish Holocaust. I wonder if similar means could be used to compel eBay to remove artifacts related to the enslavement of Black Americans? Online auction site eBay is facing an international storm of outrage after it was revealed to be profiting from the repulsive trade in Holocaust memorabilia.