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Sudan Struggles To Halt Economic Crisis As Cash Runs Out

AFRICANGLOBE - Many cash machines in the Sudanese capital have run out of banknotes as the government scrambles to prevent economic collapse with a sharp devaluation and emergency austerity measures.

Zimbabwe, The Most Educated Country In Africa

According to the latest edition of The African Economist, Zimbabwe leads the continent with a literacy rate of 90.7 percent followed by Equatorial Guinea at 87 percent and South Africa with 86 percent.

Stop Allowing Politicians To Trick Us Black People!

AFRICANGLOBE If politicians want to help Black people, they should patronize Black companies and give more contracting opportunities to Black entrepreneurs. To increase jobs for Blacks in 2014 politicians have to understand that Black businesses hire Black workers! We need to patronize each other. We need to hire each other.

Cypriot Financial Crisis: Lessons For Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - The EU recently announced a $10 billion deal with the Cypriot Government to avert a bank meltdown that may have spread to the EU and potentially began the collapse of the 17 country European Union. Whether that deal is a means to an end or just another paper in the cracks will be known sooner rather than later

Africa: The Next Big Thing

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa still evokes in the minds of many some mix of corruption, disease, war, and poverty -- the Four Horsemen of Africa's Apocalypse. Indeed, the economic crisis has fueled a whole new round of such worries. But the perpetual hand-wringing over the continent's dreadful state misses a broader trend: Africa is rising, and it could emerge from the crisis stronger than most people think.

Sudan Cutting Expenditure Amids Economic Crisis and War

Government agencies in bankrupt Sudan have been ordered to slash their use of petrol and civil servants to donate two days of their salaries...

Egypt’s Looming Economic Crisis

Egypt is teetering on the edge of an economic crisis. Cast adrift in a deepening political quagmire over the past fourteen months, the economy...

Trickle Down Economics: An Epic Failure

We are in the midst of an economic crisis that trickle-down economics can’t fix. We had what is known as a both a recession and a financial crisis, which take much longer to overcome when combined than individually. This has caused dramatic unemployment, underemployment, loss of homes, and financial calamity for many Americans.