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Only Africans Will Save Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa often to their own chagrin, look to the West and now East (China), believing falsely that the potions from these two sides are better than their own. Everyone goes to AFRICA and become millionaires, but hardly do Africans go to countries like India, China, Lebanon, Pakistan, Israel, and become millionaires. Obviously, what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

A Re-Evaluation Of Africa And China

AFRICANGLOBE - China’s strategy (and intention) with investment in Africa is still largely a mystery. Commentary ranges from complimentary assessment as a true economic development partner to derogatory indications as the “new colonizer.”

Northern Nigeria At A Crossroads

AFRICANGLOBE - Northern Nigeria is at a crossroads. Finally delivering the leader they have been waiting for- this year marks what many Nigerians are hoping is a new era for the country, but the north in particular. Marred by ethnic and religious conflict, and poor economic development, Nigeria’s poorest states are concentrated in the north.

Rwanda To House Africa’s Newest Smart City

AFRICANGLOBE - Nairobi recently emerged the smartest city in Africa, creating in the process an incentive for other continental cities to join the bandwagon. In a very recent development, the Government of the Republic of Rwanda has entered into an official agreement with Ericsson, a key Communications and Technology Services provider, to kick-start the smart Rwanda project.

Does Africa Need A Free Trade Area?

AFRICANGLOBE - Like a true phoenix, Africa is rising from the ashes of despondence and wretchedness and, as validated by the rest of the world, is seeing an absolutely unprecedented explosive growth and economic development driven by socio-political stability, the rise of the middle class citizen, and the seemingly sudden realization by international investors that the continent offers some of the highest returns on investment in the world.

The Business Case For Nigeria’s New Railway Deal

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week, China signed its largest single overseas contract project – a $12 billion deal to build a 22-stop railway along the coast of Africa’s most populous country Nigeria. The facility will span 1,402 kilometres in length and link Nigeria’s economic capital, Lagos, in the west with tourist destination, Calabar, in the southeast.

U.S. Militarism, Economic Development And Nigeria’s Security

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa’s leading oil-exporting state Nigeria has been designated by the West as Africa's largest economy yet the security situation inside the country is deteriorating. The Pentagon recently concluded naval maneuvers off the coast in the Gulf of Guinea while cooperation on military and intelligence affairs with the United States has reached an unprecedented level.

Economic Development And The African-American Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - In the Black community what the rest of the world already knew and had been capitalizing on for a very long time. This crystallized into a realization: Black Culture Sells. And it is a very profitable commodity.

Africa’s Economic Development, Industrialisation Could Surpass China’s

AFRICANGLOBE - The Special Envoy of China on African Affairs, Ambassador Zhong Jianhua, on Monday said that Africa’s economic development and industrialisation could surpass China’s, if the continent would see Chinese businesses operating in it as healthy economic competition instead of exploitative instruments.

The Rise of Africa’s Savers – Pension Funds Key Drivers of...

AFRICANGLOBE - The rapid increase in the number and size of African pension funds arguably matters more than any other single trend in the continent's economic development. The pace at which pension funds have grown is staggering.

Africa Following Development Path Similar to That Of China?

At the turn of the millennium, The Economist controversially described Africa on its front cover as The Hopeless Continent, but came up with the more optimistic cover line The Hopeful Continent last year. Whatever development path African countries are taking, few would deny the rapid progress that has taken place over the past two decades.

World Bank Approves $1.15 Billion Interest Free Loan for Ethiopia

The World Bank has endorsed a $1,15 billion interest free loan to Ethiopia under its country partnership strategy (CPS) that will help the Horn...

Women’s Economic Summit Begins in Nigeria

Creating better opportunities for women is key to Africa's economic development, a Nigerian minister said at the opening of a two-day African women's economic...

Smart Money Banks On Africa

Technology has revolutionized banking in Africa Africa has faced an uphill battle to cut the number of unbanked citizens - key to driving economic development....

Africa ‘Ready for Industrialisation Drive

A major industrialisation drive across Africa is needed for the continent to transform its current growth spurt into sustained social and economic development, South...

Mozambique Govt to Invest U.S$200 Million Dollars in Zambezi Valley

The publically-owned Zambezi Valley Development Agency is to invest more than 200 million US dollars in a range of projects to promote social and economic development in the region, according to the daily newspaper "Noticias". The projects will be implemented between now and 2014 covering the areas of agriculture, fisheries, agro-processing, agro-industry, and regional planning and infrastructure.