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Mega Deals: An Opportunity For Economic Emancipation In Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe, having realised the West’s devilish approach towards hegemonic dominance of small nations over their natural resources, is now on the road to progress and there should be no time for complacency or easy optimism. What is of great economic importance is that Zimbabwe has finally seen the need to move hand in glove with the emerging economic powerhouses of the world.

President Obiang And The Kleptocrats In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - On 29 September 2011, in far away Paris, French police swooped into a compound allegedly belonging to one of the longest serving dictators in Africa, President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, and seized eleven luxury cars. Amongst the cars seized were two Buggatti Veyrons, three Ferraris, one Porsche Carrera GT and Bentleys with a total value of 5 million US dollars.