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Feeding Our Black Neighborhoods – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of the people in the hood that don’t die a natural, physical death will surely die an economic death if they don’t ever learn that in a capitalist society, capital is the primary motivating factor. In an economic sense, every since the first person of African descent stepped off of a slave ship and set foot on an American shore, Black people have never been properly fed! We have worked and didn’t get paid. We have contributed and didn’t get recognized. We have supported and we ended up getting used and ignored!

White-Businesses Panic As Namibia Pushes Black Empowerment Bill

AFRICANGLOBE - White-owned businesses in Namibia are pondering over whether to leave the country or stay and take court action to fight a new government indigenisation and economic empowerment bill which, if approved as expected, would require them to sell 25% ownership to “Previously Disadvantaged Peoples (PDPs)”.

Africa Urged To Emulate Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe is on the verge of realising an economic growth which Africa had never known. African leaders have been challenged to adopt indigenisation and economic empowerment policies to enable their citizens to claim their stake in the continent and global village.

Black Americans Left Behind As Rights Milestone Nears: Economy

AFRICANGLOBE - Half a century after the Civil Rights Act committed the federal government to narrowing the racial divide, Black Americans are still being left behind. Blacks remain less likely to climb the income ladder and more likely to drop than Whites, according to research published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago last month. It also found that Blacks will probably continue to suffer from lower mobility unless the causes of the disparities are addressed.

President Mugabe Calls For 100 Percent Local Ownership Of Mines

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe said any foreigner seeking business in Zimbabwe would come in as an investment partner and not the owner of local resources. He said the 51/49 percent shareholding threshold was just a starting point and Government could go as high as 60/40 percent in favour of locals.

The Revolution Must Be Financed

AFRICANGLOBE - We know two things for sure: Most of us Black nationalists are often long on rhetoric and short on cash. And everything that happens in this country begins and/or ends with somebody writing a check. Therefore, as one of our most respected leaders, Marcus Garvey, showed us back in the 1920s, we must have businesses and we must have money, collectively and individually, in order to be truly free.

Africa and Economic Empowerment Policies

AFRICANGLOBE - Capitalism with skewed economic empowerment policies is like modernizing socialism. Depending on perspective, most economic empowerment policies on the continent are not only an obstacle to investment from beyond a nation’s borders, they are only beneficial to some individuals.

Former D.C. Treasurer Launches New Enterprise To Facilitate Black Economic Empowerment

AFRICANGLOBE - Former Treasurer of the District of Columbia Lasana K. Mack announces the launch of a new enterprise dedicated to facilitating financial and economic empowerment for people of African descent locally, nationally and internationally through educational programs and development of a full-service financial institution.

Is It Too Late For Black People In America? – A...

AFRICANGLOBE - In all of our grandeur, all of our pomposity, all of our red-carpet flash, all of our champagne-sipping-braggadocios-arrogance, Black people have sunk to new levels of selfishness, self-hate, and insecurity. Our collective prosperity is virtually nonexistent because we have fallen for the ploy that directs us toward “I” rather than “we.”

Canadian Mining Firm Scoffs At Black Empowerment in Zimbabwe

Caledonia Mining Corporation has scoffed at Government of Zimbabwe's economic empowerment drive, branding indigenisation regulations a political gimmick to lure votes for Zanu-PF. The Canadian firm's remarks come at a time when President Mugabe has told foreign companies that are not comfortable with the black empowerment drive to leave the country.

Indigenisation: Diamond Firm Gives Up 51% Stake To Zimbabweans

Murowa Diamonds has agreed to surrender 51 percent stake in line with the Zimbabwean Government’s Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment regulations.