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Could Julius Malema Become South Africa’s Next President?

AFRICANGLOBE - Could Julius Malema be South Africa's next president? That's the question Harvard Professor of History Niall Ferguson believes South Africa should be asking about the young charismatic leader.

South Africa’s Ruling Party Unravels As Jacob Zuma Struggles

AFRICANGLOBE - There are growing signs the tide has indeed begun to turn against South African President Jacob Zuma and his supporters. The politics of patronage is no longer working as it used to when Zuma's defenders could be rewarded for their efforts with promotion, tenders, or a lucrative revolving door to corporate directorships.

South Africa: Julius Malema Vows To Reclaim African Land From White...

AFRICANGLOBE - The leader of South Africa's opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) movement has launched his party's campaign for the upcoming local elections, promising to rescue citizens from poverty, unemployment and corrupt government.

Black People Who Are Afraid Of White People Are The Enemy...

AFRICANGLOBE - “They must know that South Africa is our land and that South Africa belongs to all who live in it Black and White, but whites must be prepared to abandon arrogance and white supremacy. We need South Africa to serve all and not a few. We have been patient for far too long.”

Malema Case: Game Changer In South African Politics?

AFRICANGLOBE - After three years of delays, the high-profile corruption case against South African opposition leader Julius Malema has been thrown out out of court. Judge Billy Mothle said the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters party is free.

EFF Won’t Rest Until Africa Is Free From Economic Exploitation

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters party says it will never rest until Africa is free from economic exploitation and violence and‚ like the generation of freedom struggle icon Nelson Mandela‚ will use “whatever revolutionary means possible to achieve economic freedom in our lifetime”.

‘Mugabe Is The Only Leader Holding Africa Together’

AFRICANGLOBE - Malema says Mugabe is the only African president who makes decisions in the interest of the entire continent without apologising for them. “We may not agree with him on this or that issue but on a broader perspective, he’s the man that represents the kind of Africa we want… An Africa where Africans own their land and their economy.”

South Africa: Land, Statues And Malema

AFRICANGLOBE - There is no doubt that the South African government, under its beleaguered President Jacob Zuma, is feeling the heat, as the EFF relentlessly remind the ruling ANC at every opportunity to resolve the question of disproportionate land ownership between the white minority and African majority South Africans. The EFF has not made a secret of their encouragement of potential land invasions. Their populism, a news headline and vote-catching stunt, has got the ruling party worried about a potentially explosive issue.

Malema Victorious As Sars Withdraws Sequestration

AFRICANGLOBE - Economic Freedom Fighters party leader Julius Malema emerged victorious from the High Court in Tshwane yesterday after the South African Revenue Service dropped its bid to have him sequestrated.

White Supremacists Rally To Protect Colonial Statues In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Amid an ongoing row about historic symbols of colonialism and white domination, questions about Afrikaner identity in post-apartheid South Africa have come to the fore. South African singer Sunette Bridges yesterday chained herself to the statue of former Boer leader Paul Kruger, known as the father of the Afrikaner nation, in Tshwane to protest against calls for its removal.

South African Students Absolutely Love Julius Malema

AFRICANGLOBE - Why should we compensate for stolen land?" asked Malema to loud applause. Speaking to students at Stellenbosch University, the Economic Freedom Fighters leader said South Africa's "colonisers" were like thieves who stole a car, pimped it up, then demanded compensation when they were forced to return it.

South Africa: Zuma To Face Tough Questions In Parliament

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma will face fresh questions to repay millions of dollars used to upgrade his rural homestead during an appearance in parliament on Wednesday. Zuma was last year ordered by the public protector Thuli Madonsela to pay back some of the money used in the construction of the Nkandla residence.

Julius Malema Gets An Apology From Degenerate ANC Speaker

AFRICANGLOBE - The speaker of South Africa's national assembly, Baleka Mbete has apologised to opposition, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema after she called him a cockroach. Malema accepted the apology from Mbete, who doubles as the ruling ANC chairperson.

See You On March 11, Malema Warns Zuma

AFRICANGLOBE - In a robust debate that largely stayed within parliamentary rules, EFF leader Julius Malema on Tuesday told President Jacob Zuma he would be made to answer on March 11 about misspending on his Nkandla home.

EFF MPs Beaten Up In Parliament: Malema

AFRICANGLOBE - Most of the EFF MPs removed from the National Assembly during President Jacob Zuma's eighth State of the Nation Address were beaten up, party leader Julius Malema said on Friday. “We were face down... we were assaulted up until we went into the main corridor of Parliament,” Malema said at a press conference in Cape Town.

South Africa: President Zuma And A Nation In Distress

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's President Jacob Zuma's last appearance in Parliament ended badly, to say the least. With Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members of Parliament (MPs) shouting 'pay back the money' as they demanded answers on Nkandla, Zuma was spirited out of the House to protect him from the embarrassment of being shouted down during Parliamentary question time.