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The Ten Most Developed Countries In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The annual report by the United Nations Development Programme usually measures a number of factors to give a comprehensive overview of development. Thus, instead of focusing on economic growth, it looks at other factors such as health and life expectancy, education and standard of living.

Botswana’s Economic Growth To Almost Double In 2017

AFRICANGLOBE - Botswana's economy will grow by nearly double in 2017 compared to the previous year as Africa's largest exporter of diamonds shakes off a slump in global commodity prices and electricity shortages.

African Countries To Watch In 2017

AFRICANGLOBE - African countries face many challenges in 2017, but, alongside these, there are the fundamentally positive dynamics of many of their economies, including a growing labor force, increased urbanization, and advances in technology, as I argued recently in a new Atlantic Council Strategy Paper, A Measured US Strategy for the New Africa.

Most Africans Are Extremely Optimistic About The Future

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite facing economic headwinds, political corruption, and shortages in food, energy, and water, citizens in three African countries with almost 300 million people are extremely hopeful about the future of their countries.

China Now The World’s Largest Economy, America Falls To Second Place

AFRICANGLOBE - China has toppled America to become the largest economy in the world, according to figures from the International Monetary Fund. The US has been the global leader since it overtook Britain in 1872, but has now lost its status as top dog.

Chinese Built Railway Line Linking Ethiopia To Djibouti Now Completed

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian officials on Saturday said a multi-billion dollar railroad project linking the nation to the port of Djibouti has been completed. The project manager, Mokenen Getachew said the 656km Addis Ababa–Djibouti electric railway trans-boundary project will be inaugurated next month.

Ethiopia Wins Big As Cement, Flower, Shoe Firms Set Up Shop

AFRICANGLOBE - Ernst & Young forecasts FDI into Ethiopia will average $1.5 billion each year for the next three years and predicts the country will be a leading manufacturing hub in Africa in the next decade.

Ethiopia Turns Big Plans Into Reality

AFRICANGLOBE - ETHIOPIA, the cradle of humankind, has shown vast progress in recent years. Besides stunning population growth to become the second largest country in Africa with over 90 million inhabitants, it is also experiencing strong economic development.

Africa’s Emigrants Turn Eastward

AFRICANGLOBE - Higher economic growth does not mean that people will stay put, and many Africans in search of opportunities now head to Asia. These migration flows are giving birth to new cultural projects and partnerships.

Africa’s Economic Outlook For 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - Assuming a gradual strengthening of the world economy and improvements in political and social stability in those African countries currently affected by strife, the African continent is set to record a projected +5% economic growth in 2015.

Africa Needs To Fully Leverage Its Oil And Gas Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - Much of the recent economic growth enjoyed by large parts of Africa has been a direct result of the positive momentum achieved in oil and gas production. The fact that this momentum has been driven by existing producers like Nigeria, Angola, Algeria as well as investment in new producing countries like Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, augurs very well for the future of oil and gas in Africa and for the potential for economic growth overall on the continent.

West Africa’s Three Up-And-Coming Investment Cities

AFRICANGLOBE - Booming West African cities such as Lagos, Abuja and Accra have received a great deal of attention and FDI over the past decade in response to their population growth, economic growth, dynamism and promise. While we expect to see these cities continue as primary investment destinations, domestic and foreign investors alike are always looking for the next big thing

Call For Africa To Beneficiate Its Minerals

AFRICANGLOBE - The beneficiation of minerals took centre stage on Sunday, with incoming SADC chairperson and Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe saying the SADC's goal to drive short- and long-term economic growth would be realised only if the region beneficiated its minerals.

‘Boom Time In Africa’ Says French Businessman

AFRICANGLOBE - Entrepreneurs and financiers gathered in Paris on Tuesday for the launch of the Franco-African Foundation for Growth. The initiative aims to re-energise links between private sector African and French businesses.

Black Entrepreneurs See Big Hurdles To Success

The priorities of entrepreneurs are often more fundamental, the urgency is often greater, and the opportunities differ based on the lens through which a business owner sees the world.

These 10 Countries Will Be The Fastest-Growing Economies In 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - The Economist Intelligence Unit has released its projections for economic growth in 2014, including the economies that are expected to grow the most this year. The results are telling – and have implications way beyond these 10 countries.