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The Interrelation Between Political And Economic Independence

AFRICANGLOBE - The national-liberation movement has now entered a new stage in Africa. The people’s political consciousness has risen to new heights and revolutionary movements are surging forward as never before so that today the demand for complete elimination of imperialist domination and influence and realization of full independence, both political and economic.

Who Really Create Jobs?

AFRICANGLOBE - Black Americans are often misled when politicians and pundits refer to the ability of the President of the United States to “create jobs” during their terms in office. But, in the reality of America’s economy, the private sector is where jobs originate.

Of Dreams And Wars

AFRICANGLOBE - One aspect of Emperor Haile Selassie I’s dream has been realised. Africa has attained its political independence. But until there is economic independence, until the people of Africa can enjoy the benefits of having diamonds and oil, until Africa’s leaders are responsive to the needs of their citizens more than they are to the needs of Europe, Asia and America, until we can work in solidarity to boot out the divisive elements causing strife in the DRC, Mozambique, Somalia and others; until then there can only be one thing as we pursue our dream. WAR!

Was Integration a Good Thing for Black People? Probably Not

AFRICANGLOBE - I humbly submit, is that we did not properly negotiate the terms of our integration. The pride that Dr. King’s father instilled in him is lost for millions of Black youth who are being educated by people who don’t care about them. Integration, for the most part, was simply prolonged assimilation, like moving into someone else’s home and giving up the keys to your own.

Ghana: The Way Forward – A Pan-Africanist Appeal

Ghana and Africa need millions of Kwame Nkrumah today to take us through the next stage of our economic independence. But the only way to produce millions of Nkrumah is when the youth study and understand what he has written.