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From ‘Made In China’ To ‘Made In Africa’?

AFRICANGLOBE - Oftentimes the complex economic relationship between China and Africa is viewed in isolation, rather than as a part of global economic trends.

Ethiopia – Sudan Bilateral Relations: A Model For Regional Integration

AFRICANGLOBE - In the past decade Sudan and Ethiopia have gone a long way towards paving the way for regional integration and producing a model for the sub-region. The commitment by the political leadership of both countries has achieved important gains in economic integration. Nothing exemplifies the growing relationship between the two countries better than the increasing volume of trade, which reached $322 million in 2011, showing 27 percent annual growth.

There Is No Stopping China-Africa Investments

China may soon overtake Western Countries in investment-relationship with the African continent.Supporting China's $20 billion pledge to Africa on Thursday, Kenyan Industrialist and businessman...