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Herman Cain Defeats Herman Cain

AFRICANGLOBE - As GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain battles charges of sexual harassment from four different women, he has used a number of ploys to defend himself.

Impact of Joblessness May Soon Be Evident

Whatever big picture, long-term designs the powers-that-be may have in mind, we ordinarians know there is no better cure for what ails us than an honest, reliable and steady source of income. Since most of us can't count on fat trusts and annuities to pay the bills, the stable source of income we look to is a job - the hottest commodity on the market.

Nigeria May Become 3rd Most Populous Nation, Says UN Chief

An increased annual economic growth rate from the current seven percent, encouragement of integrated development in economy, agriculture, urban and rural sectors, provision of a good health system, education, power, railway, could see the country become one of the most important economies in the 21st century.