The 10 Least Educated African Presidents

AFRICANGLOBE - Many studies have proved that educated politicians tend to make better politicians than those who are not educated. Highly educated leaders can easily lead their nation towards prosperity. Not all African leaders received higher education. Some of them don’t even have high school certificate or diploma. We look at the 10 least educated African presidents.

African Immigrant Students Are Leading And Winning In The Diaspora

AFRICANGLOBE - During the recent graduation season, a number of African immigrant students were lauded for receiving scholarships to Ivy League institutions, graduating in significant numbers and leading the pace in graduation levels compared to other immigrant groups. There are reasons why first-generation African immigrants are winning the race to the top. I have a few personal observations on the key qualities that make us successful at work and school. These qualities are profoundly tied to our immigrant story.

Black Women – The Most Educated Group In America

AFRICANGLOBE - According to The National Center for Education Statistics, Black women have recently emerged as the most educated population of people by race and gender in the United States. That makes them a powerful force in the political and business world.

The Top Ten Worst States In America To Raise Black Children

AFRICANGLOBE - All children deserve a good education and an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and reach their goals in life. But for many Black children, finding the support they need in order to become successful in life doesn't always come easy. In fact, much of it depends on where they live. Here are the top 10 worst states in which to raise Black children.

Education Holds the Key to Africa’s Development

My husband, Nelson Mandela, once described education as "the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." He was right. But I...

Obama Waking Up: President Launches African-American Education Initiative

President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced an initiative he said will give African-American students greater access "to a complete and competitive education from the...

South Africa in Textbook War

South Africa's Basic Education minister, Angie Motshekga has come under fire from the country's main trade union movement following reports that schools do not...

Home Schooling: Why More Black-Americans Are Trying It

Until recently, home schooling in the US was mostly practised by White families, but a growing number in the Black community are now also...

100 HBCU’s Fighting Proposed Funding Cuts

AFRICANGLOBE - A coalition of more than 100 colleges and universities are fighting to persuade Congress and the special supercommittee not to cut $85 million or more in federal funding.

Federal Report: L.A. Schools Provide Inferior Education to Black Students

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Education announced that, after a 19-month civil rights investigation, they found that the Los Angeles Unified School District was failing to provide equal education to English-learners and Black students. In turn, this systemic failure has resulted in widespread academic disparities in the nation’s second largest school district, they said.

Black Boys: Schools Preparing them for Prison

A Chicago mother recently filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Board of Education alleging a Chicago Public School security guard handcuffed her young son while he was a student at George Washington Carver Primary School on the city’s far south side

Mali Set for Dedicated Science Fund

The Malian government has launched a fund for research, technology and innovation, to enable researchers to help meet the country's development needs.

Arabic to Be Phased Out of South Sudan Shools in Three...

Minister for General Education, Hon Dr Michael Milli Hussein has announced that Arabic will be replaced by English as the sole medium of instruction in secondary schools in the Republic of South Sudan

Detroit Teachers Rally Against Attack on Public Education

On Tuesday, more than 500 teachers and support staff demonstrated at the Detroit Public Schools headquarters to protest the draconian wage and benefits cuts recently imposed by Emergency Financial Manager Roy Roberts.

Helping Young People to Find Work in Puntland, Somalia

Instead of joining militias or idling at street corners, the youth in Garowe, the regional capital of the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland, are learning skills to help them earn a living, officials said.