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Egyptian Government Issued More Than $4 million In Bribes To Three...

AFRICANGLOBE - Apparently, Egypt is not only fighting its battle over the Renaissance Dam through Ethiopia and Sudan exclusively, but it has also attempted to win over other African countries. These efforts have been in effect since the beginning of Hosni Mubarak's rule. Further investigation on the matter revealed that the Egyptian government has issued more than $4 million in bribes to three African presidents in an effort to convince them to sway their governments' positions on the Renaissance Dam.

23 Dead In Bloody Fighting Between Arabs And Nubians In Aswan,...

AFRICANGLOBE - A bloody feud in Egypt's southern Aswan province between an Arab clan and a Nubian family has killed at least 23 people in two days of fighting, leaving bodies strewn on hospital floors and homes torched in its wake, government officials and witnesses said Saturday.

Africa Won’t Let Egyptians Bully Ethiopia – Museveni

AFRICANGLOBE - President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has sternly warned the Egyptian "government and other groups" against making "chauvinist and irrational statements" in the wake of Ethiopia's decision to construct a multi-billion dollar electricity dam on the Blue Nile.