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Egyptian Protesters Attack Ethiopian Embassy in Cairo

AFRICANGLOBE - Dozens of Egyptians gathered outside the Ethiopian embassy in Cairo, in protest at the start of the construction of the Renaissance Dam, demanding the expulsion of the Ethiopian ambassador from Egypt.

Dozens Injured as Clashes Erupt In Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - Egyptian protesters have clashed with supporters of President Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, and ransacked three offices nationwide including the group's headquarters in Cairo, leaving at least 90 people injured.

Egyptian Protesters Pour Into Tahrir Square to Protest Against Islamist Decrees

Tens of thousands of Egyptian protesters gathered in the capital and other major cities across the nation Tuesday demanding that Islamist President Mohamed Morsi...

Egyptian Protesters Storm Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Alexandria

AFRICANGLOBE - Egyptian protesters set fire to Muslim Brotherhood offices on Friday, state television reported, as rival rallies were held nationwide a day after President...