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The Changing Face Of Lagos

AFRICANGLOBE - My recent visit to Lagos has changed my perception of Nigeria’s commercial capital. I can see that the Lagos State government is putting a great emphasis on improving the quality of life of Lagosians. The city is now relatively peaceful and green, while the traffic police tries to turn chaos into order. Efforts to clean up the city are noticeable.

Lagos, Nigeria: Africa’s Big Apple?

AFRICANGLOBE - With tech hubs, a newly wealthy class, and an exploding population, Lagos is forging a model for Africa’s urban future. This spit of land on the Atlantic coast held just 2 million people in the 1970s. It’s now the region’s commercial powerhouse and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.

Lagos Could Soon Be Africa’s 13th Largest Economy

AFRICANGLOBE - Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub, could soon have a US$45 billion economy – equivalent to that of Ghana, according to a recent report produced by Renaissance Capital economist Yvonne Mhango.

Eko Atlantic: A City Emerges From Nigeria’s Ocean

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's largest land reclamation project, Eko Atlantic City is rapidly taking shape. The overhaul of Victoria Island and the Lekki Peninsula mark another milestone for Lagos's urban renewal.

Eko Atlantic: A New Mega City Development On the Lagos Coastline

 To keep the ocean at bay forever, a wall – The Great Wall of Lagos – is rising. From the Bar Beach Waterfront of...