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Good News: Uganda To Manufacture Thousands Of Hybrid Cars

AFRICANGLOBE - By 2018, Uganda's planned automotive industry will be making 7,000 hybrid cars a year, says Paul Isaac Musasizi, acting CEO of the state-run Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC). The petrol and electric car, called the Kiira SMACK, will have five seats, a top speed of 180 kilometres an hour and will be able to travel 50 kilometres using its lithium-ion battery alone.

Introducing The ‘Made In Uganda’ Electric Car

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2006 students from 25 universities and colleges across the world took part in a project to design a plug-in electric hybrid vehicle. At the end of the three year Vehicle Design Summit they had produced four hybrid cars run by solar, biofuels, and human power. Among participants in the exercise, headed by the famed US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), were students from Uganda’s Makerere University.