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US Evacuates Embassy In Libya Amid Unrest

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States has temporarily closed its embassy in Libya and evacuated the staff to neighboring Tunisia because of heavy fighting near the embassy site in Tripoli. The State Department says it has suspended embassy operations due to "ongoing violence between Libyan militias."

Saudi Embassy Linked to Terrorist Funding in Ethiopia

The wife of a senior Ethiopian politician was on Monday charged with funnelling money from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Islamist terror groups,...

Anti-American Protests Spread

A new wave of anti-American protests erupted across the Muslim world Friday, as Egypt’s recently elected government and its counterparts elsewhere struggled to contain...

Anti-American Demonstration Continues to Spread Throughout Arabia

The fallout from an inflammatory anti-Muslim video made in the United States continued to fester throughout the Arab World, as anti-American protests spread to...

Why Did Scott Gration U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Resigned

When U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration resigned his position early this morning(yesterday), he said in an emailed statement, "differences with Washington regarding my...

Kenya Hit by Deadly Grenade Attack

At least one person was killed and several others wounded in a hand grenade attack on a bar in Mombasa on Sunday, a day...

WikiLeaks Haiti: The Aristide files the Full Extent of American Manipulation

US officials led a far-reaching international campaign aimed at keeping former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide exiled in South Africa, rendering him a virtual prisoner there for the last seven years, according to secret US State Department cables.

India And Tanzania a Rewarding Relationship

The total value of trade between India and Africa stood at 31 billion dollars in 2009-2010; trade between Tanzania and India exceeded a billion dollars that same year