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Mau Mau Verdict Exposes Crimes of British Imperialism In Kenya

In a landmark ruling, a judge last month granted three survivors of the 1950s Kenyan “Emergency” the right to a full High Court trial...

Hurricane Sandy Could Wreak Havoc Across 800 Miles of U.S.

Hurricane Sandy, the mammoth storm that has already claimed more than five dozen lives in the Caribbean, could potentially affect some 60 million people...

The Never-Ending Tragedy of Sudanese Refugees

The perennial political wrangling in the Sudans is forcing tens of thousands of people from Sudan into South Sudan, fleeing from a nasty bombing...

State of Emergency Declared in Darfur Refugee Camp

International humanitarian organizations and the head of the Kassab IDP camp in Darfur, Eltaher Ismail, held a meeting yesterday in Kutum town, North Darfur....

Al-Bashir Declares State of Emergency in Sudan’s Border Areas

Sudanese president, Omer Hassan al-Bashir on Sunday has declared the state of emergency in some cities of three states neighbouring the Republic of South...

Nigerian Govt Declares Emergency Gas Supply Plan

Concerned by the recent shortfall and challenges in supply of gas to thermal power stations in the country which has subsequently led to significant...

Detroit City Unions Agree to Massive Concessions

Detroit city union leaders said Tuesday that they had reached concession agreements in 25 of the 48 bargaining units for city employees, including huge cuts in the health benefits for thousands of workers. According to a report Wednesday in a Detroit newspaper, the deals include a $20 million cut in prescription drug benefits and what the newspaper called “substantial” reductions in pension benefits.

UN Refugee Agency Makes Emergency Aid Flight to Somalia

The flight left from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Monday morning with 31 metric tons (more than 34 tons) of emergency supplies and arrived in Mogadishu early Monday afternoon, said Andy Needham from the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.