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Zimbabwe Has Gotten Worse Under Its New President

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe has dropped two places and is now ranked the 146th happiest country out of 156 nations, which is a strong indictment on the country’s economy under President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a United Nations report has shown.

Donald Trump Extend Sanctions On Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - The Zimbabwean government has described the extension of sanctions on Zimbabwe by the United States of America as a travesty of justice saying Zimbabwe has embarked on a path of rapprochement and expected a reciprocal gesture from Washington.

Are Zimbabweans Missing The Mugabe Years?

AFRICANGLOBE - While it's unlikely that many Zimbabweans yearn for former ruler Robert Mugabe's return, the occasion of his 95th birthday on Thursday has led some to see him in a softer more nostalgic light.

EU Threatens Zimbabwe With More Sanctions, Govt Unfazed

AFRICANGLOBE - The Zimbabwean government yesterday said it was not worried by the threat from the European Union (EU) Parliament to tighten sanctions against the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led administration, insisting that they will stick with their all-weather friends, China and Russia.

Zimbabwe Begins Construction Of New Parliament

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday laid the foundation stone for a huge new parliament. The building which is to be located on farmland north-west of the capital, Harare, will have a total floor area of 33,000 square metres.

Time For Africa To Stand On Its Feet

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwean Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa said it is time for Africa, with its rich resources, to economically “stand on its feet.” Mnangagwa said Africa’s economic structure was that each and every one traded with its former colonial master, exporting raw materials from its resources and trade among African states was limited, a structure that was blamed for the continent’s slow pace of development.

Defence Minister To Succeed President Mugabe?

AFRICANGLOBE - Insiders close to the race to succeed the President Robert Mugabe revealed that Robert Mugabe was nurturing his defence minister to take over the reins when he retires from office probably before the 2018 presidential election.