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7 Reasons Why Obama Should Visit Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Barack Obama will become the first ever sitting U.S. president to visit Ethiopia. This is a testament to the firm friendship that the two countries enjoy. Ethiopia has had a close relationship with the U.S. ever since Emperor Menlik II earned recognition as the only sovereign state leader in Africa after defeating Italy. Emperor Haile Selassie deepened the bond with his seven official state visits to the U.S during his reign.

‘Africa’s Armageddon Is Over’

AFRICANGLOBE - “Today, Africa has emerged from this dark passage. Our Armageddon is past. Africa has been reborn as a free continent and Africans have been reborn as free men. The blood that was shed and the sufferings that were endured are today Africa’s advocates for freedom and unity"

For Africa, A Renewed Quest For Integration

AFRICANGLOBE - The desire expressed the other day at a Conference of Ministers in Addis Ababa by some African leaders for increased ownership of the African project and integration was quite assuring and may have presented the continent with another opportunity to break away from a seemingly incurable lethargy.

African Ownership Is The Key To African Nationalism

AFRICANGLOBE - It is important to stress that as the denigration of Africans has been a universal phenomenon in modern history, so African Nationalism has a universal aspect – it is Pan Africanism; it is a struggle for the entire Africa, and for all people of African descent. African Nationalism was the response by Africans to the conquest, enslavement, the subjugation, plunder, and exploitation, of Africa by the nations of Europe

Nile River Politics: When Sisi Met Desalegn

AFRICANGLOBE - The guests had been seated at the tables of the great hall in Addis Ababa, and fanfares rang out as the Emperor Haile Selassie walked in with President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt at his right hand. Behind the extraordinary pair, the remaining leaders also entered in their pairs, the audience rose; everyone was applauding. “Ovations sounded for unity and the Emperor. Then the feast began.”

Africa Must Unite for True Freedom, Prosperity – Kwame Nkrumah

AFRICANGLOBE - In this book, Kwame Nkrumah spells out the tactics and strategy for the African Union. His argument is that until and unless African countries unite at the political, economic, defence and economic fronts, the continent and its people will have no true freedom and prosperity.

Africa Must Unite Or Sink — Kwame Nkrumah

AFRICANGLOBE - In celebration of Black History Month we post the speech Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah made in Addis Ababa the Ethiopian capital on May 24, 1963 during a meeting of 32 independent African countries who wanted to chart a new destiny for the continent.

Ethiopia and the 111th Emperor: Haile Selassie I

A thousand years before Christ the Queen of Sheba, we are told, traveled to Jerusalem where she met King Solomon, married him and had...