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After Scalping Him Britain To Return The Locks Of Ethiopian Emperor...

AFRICANGLOBE - Britain’s National Army Museum is set to return a looted braid of hair of Ethiopia’s Emperor Tewadros II, media reports have suggested. The BBC’s former reporter in Ethiopia also tweeted about the development which is a significant step in the country’s long fight for the return from UK of plundered ancient artefacts. British troops ransacked Emperor Tewodros II’s Maqdala fortress in Ethiopia using 200 mules and 15 camels to carry the loot of sacred manuscripts and royal gold.

Emperor Menelik II Of Ethiopia (1844-1913)

AFRICANGLOBE - Menelik II (August 17, 1844 - December 12, 1913), Conquering Lion of Judah, Elect of God, King of Kings of Ethiopia was negus negust (emperor) of Ethiopia from 1889 to his death. Menelik II The son of King Haile Melekot of Shoa (1847 - 1855), was born in 1844 in Ankober, Shoa and heir to the Shewan branch of the Solomonic Dynasty which claimed descent from King Solomon of ancient Israel, and the Queen of Sheba.