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Black Teens Hit Hard By Economic Downturn

AFRICANGLOBE - According to “Trends in Teen Employment in Chicago, Illinois and the United States,” any gains made by the “War on Poverty” on the rate of employment among African-American teenagers were erased over the past decade. Black teens were the worst hit by the recent Great Recession in the labor market, the capstone to a decade of plummeting employment rates among young workers, according to a recent report by the Alternative Schools Network.

US Teen Unemployment Hits New Record

AFRICANGLOBE - While the Obama administration is boasting about the creation of new jobs, teenage unemployment has hit a record high for the fourth consecutive summer, with employment hard to come by for youth searching for an entry into the work force.

Nigeria Hopes On Industralisation As WEMPCO Test Run Steel Plant

AFRICANGLOBE - The Federal Government of Nigeria has reinstated its commitment to support growth of the steel industry as Western Metal Products Company Limited...

African Youth Facing Severe Youth Unemployment

It may have one of the fastest growing economies in the world -- but if you're young and out of work in Africa, the...

Black Entrepreneurship On The Rise

While a degree certainly provides graduates with an edge in the job market, unemployment statistics have repeatedly shown that one’s race plays a role...

Africa Urged to Diversify, Turn to Agriculture

Africa needs to embrace economic diversification as well as focus on agribusiness to lift the continent out of poverty and put it on the...

Intra-African Trade Can Create Wealth

The lack of intra-African trade is a cause for concern within the African community. In this piece, Florence Udoh and Omotola Oloruntobi write on why government needs to...

African Women Entrepreneurs Build Ties, Share Tips

Women entrepreneurs from 37 African nations convened in Washington for the third meeting of the African Women's Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), which runs from June...

South African Manufacturing Creates More Jobs

South Africa's manufacturing sector is enjoying higher levels of employment for the first time in over a year and activity remains stable, according to...

Nigeria’s Budget a ‘Walk to Economic Freedom’ – President

Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan has described the 2012 budget as a stepping-stone to the transformation of the Nigerian economy and "our walk to economic...

Record Black Male Unemployment Remains Invisible to the First Black President

State of the Union speeches usually throw bones in every direction, to every constituency that matters to a president. But even though Black male...

Namibia: Foreign Investment Not a Substitute for Domestic Business

Foreign investment can facilitate and accelerate growth, but it cannot be a substitute for domestic business, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in creating employment.

The New Land Grab in Africa – An Alarming Scramble for...

Multinational corporations are buying enormous tracts of land in Africa to the detriment of local communities. Agazit Abate warns that the land grab puts countries on the path to increased food insecurity, environmental degradation, increased reliance on aid and marginalisation of farming and pastoralist communities.

Manufacturing is the Answer to Poverty in Africa- UN Report

The Economic Development in Africa Report 2011 calls for "a practical, well-designed approach to industrialization, that is adjusted to specific country circumstances and based on extensive discussion with and feedback from businesses and entrepreneurs," the agencies said in a news release.