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American Hunters Auction The Lives Of African Animals To Raise Funds...

AFRICANGLOBE - Safari Club International, America’s most powerful hunting lobby group, will auction the lives of 280 South African animals to raise funds to lobby the Trump Administration against measures protecting threatened species like elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard. Apart from the Big 5, American hunters are offered the chance to kill all of South Africa’s iconic species. Successful bidders will be able to shoot giraffe, hippo, zebra, baboon, wildebeest, sable antelope, warthog, greater kudu, impala, springbok, blesbok, caracal, African wildcat, with 119 other animals proffered as ‘upgrades’ for an additional cost.

Black Children, An Endangered Species

AFRICANGLOBE - Black people can’t depend on the police for protection. Many people that shoot unarmed, law abiding teenagers are released immediately. You can’t depend on a courtroom. We have to depend on ourselves. So called Black leaders have to let the world know that the murders of Black teenagers will be avenged.

Time to Declare African Americans an Endangered Species?

AFRICANGLOBE - Is it time to for Black leaders to declare Black people an endangered species? Right now, homicide is the leading cause of death among Black men, according to a recent study by the Florida Atlantic University’s School of Medicine.

Ethiopia’s Journey From Poverty to Prosperity

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia's economic growth has been impressive. In the last decade or so, Ethiopia's growth has been among the strongest in the world, partially due to better policies, increased productivity and an increase of Foreign Direct Investment