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Leaked Cables Reveal Britain’s Extensive Spying Across Africa

AFRICANGLOBE- Top-secret British surveillance operations targeted the director of the World Trade Organization, several multinational corporations, a top French businessman, and heads of state across Africa, according to a new series of reports. In 20 countries across the continent, GCHQ monitored current and former heads of state, prime ministers, diplomats, military and intelligence chiefs, as well as leading figures in the business and finance industry.

Egypt Launches Inquiry After Its Diplomat Called Africans “Slaves And Dogs”

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's foreign ministry has said it will launch an investigation into claims that one of its diplomats publicly referred to Africans as "slaves and dogs" during a United Nations meeting held last week in Nairobi, Kenya. The controversy comes as a setback for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi at a time when his administration is courting closer political and business ties with the African continent.