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Inside Ethiopia’s Gibe III Hydroelectric Mega Project

AFRICANGLOBE - Completion of Gibe III has been a significant achievement for Ethiopia. Although it will nearly double the country’s generating capacity when all 10 turbines are operating next year, it already has provided an impetus for the country’s ambitious hydropower expansion plans. The government is now funding development of the 6-GW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Ethiopia is also on track to commission the 254-MW Genale Dawa III and 385-MW Geba I and II hydroelectric complexes by 2018. Development is poised to begin at the 2-GW Gibe IV and 600-MW Gibe V, as well as at the 326-MW Upper Dabus and 436-MW Halele Warebesa projects.

Top Ten Tallest Buildings In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Even though skyscrapers are sparser in Africa than in Europe, a significant number of African cities possess distinguishable skylines. These huge buildings are marvels of engineering. Here are the top 10 tallest buildings in Africa.

Tapping Africa’s Scientific Potential

AFRICANGLOBE - When John Mwero looks at charred sugar cane ash he sees sturdy bridges, soaring skyscrapers and stable roads. His work with The Regional Initiative in Science and Education (RISE), which supports promising science and engineering students pursuing advanced degrees in Africa.

China’s Geely Cars May Be Manufactured in Ethiopia by 2017

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia’s Mesfin Industrial Engineering Plc, a company linked to the ruling party, expects to build cars for China’s Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd....

Ethiopia Inaugurates Cable Production Plant, Truck Assembling Factory

Ethiopia on Thursday inaugurated a wire and cable production factory and a truck assembling factory executed in cooperation with a Chinese company Poly Technologies...

China in Africa: You Name it; Foreigners are Building it

Chinese contractors have become the dominant force in African construction over the past decade, but new competitors could bring even lower costs and improved...

GE and South Africa in Locomotive Milestone

A joint venture between South Africa's Transnet and US-based General Electric (GE) Transportation has delivered its first locomotive, the most advanced diesel electric locomotive...

Nigerian Native Owns US Largest Black Engineering Firm

  Montana was not what Robert Agbede had in mind. A Nigerian native, Agbede long wanted to move to America, and in January 1976, he got that chance. He excelled in science...

Ethiopian Engineer Developed First-Ever Aquatic, Hydrogen-Powered Robot

Ed's Note: We are happy to share with our readers another inspiring story about a fellow African, who developed the first-ever under-water hydrogen-powered robot. Ethiopia...

Haitians Return to Africa, Bringing Solar Technology

Jean Ronel Noël, a young Haitian engineer, stood in a centuries-old fort on a small island just off Dakar and looked out at the Atlantic through a portal that once led enslaved Africans to the ships of the Middle Passage.

Ugandan University Unveils Concept Electric Car

Electric cars run on electricity generated by lithium-ion batteries. Speaking at a workshop at the Royal Suites Hotel in Bugolobi yesterday, Richard Madanda, a research...