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Africa’s Richest Man Explains Interest In Buying Arsenal

AFRICANGLOBE - speaking to senior Nigerian journalists in Lagos on Saturday, the Nigerian billionaire explained that he is interested in buying the Premier League team to promote Nigeria internationally. “The issue is that if I buy all the Nigerian clubs, the Nigerian flags will continue to remain here. But buying Arsenal will take the Nigerian flag worldwide. Just like whenever Abramovich is mentioned, the name of his country, Russia comes up. Everyone knows he’s Russian,” Dangote said.

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s Richest Man, Wants To Buy Arsenal Soccer Club

AFRICANGLOBE - Five years after he was turned down by Arsenal, Nigerian billionaire industrialist Aliko Dangote said he still wants to buy the storied English Premier League soccer team—for the right price.

Top 5 African Millionaire Football Club Owners

AFRICANGLOBE - Like most trends that begin in western climes, Africa has caught the millionaire club owner bug, as the continent’s high net worth businessmen have looked to the game of football as a profitable venture. In this piece, we takes a look at the top five African millionaire club owners, in no respective order.

Europe and the Racialisation of African Football

AFRICANGLOBE - In football, world football often means European football and the winner of the UEFA Champions League trophy is often described as the best club team in the world. Despite the remarkable performance of African players on the "international" scene, the recialisation of footballers from the continent continues unabated.