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10 Top Reasons Why First-Time Business Ventures Fail

"For entrepreneurs -- especially those just starting out -- businesses succeed as much as they fail. I’ve seen this time and again as a...

IBM Taps Into South Africa’s Tech Entrepreneurs

For the first time, global technology giant IBM will hold its Global Entrepreneur Programme in tech-budding South Africa, according to a statement by the...

More Nigerians Exploring Entrepreneurship

It has become paramount in a “specially challenging economy” like Nigeria’s, that her citizens, young and old alike unemployed, under-employed and even the employed...

African American Entrepreneur In Talks to Acquire Detroit Telecom

VoxPlus, a highly capable, Detroit-based telecom firm, is being targeted for acquisition by African American entrepreneur Joseph Durham and a group of private investors....

Africa’s ICT Entrepreneurs – On the Brink of the Long Summer...

For over a decade, Africa's ICT entrepreneurs have struggled to make sense of how to innovate and make money on a continent that was...

Barbadian Entrepreneur Looks to Expand Across the Caribbean

Determined to make La Rosa Couture Inc. synonymous with leadership in the region's garment manufacturing industry, Barbadian entrepreneur Rozana Moseley is living her dream and loving it.

Africa Market For Infrastructure Worth U.S.$480 Billion, Says International Consultancy

He said "I think it is time for West Africa. It's time for Nigeria. This is the right time to identify and celebrate our entrepreneur who has created successful business.