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Thinking Of Starting A Business?: Five Lessons From Top African Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE - When starting out, most entrepreneurs typically have a rough idea of where they want to take their businesses. But as they are confronted with real-world realities, vision and mission statements quickly become little more than PR tools and words on the company website.

African Millionaire’s Advice To Entrepreneurs: Forget Fast Money

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa-born Lebo Gunguluza is an entrepreneur, media mogul and motivational speaker with a net worth of 300 million rand ($19 million) who discourages young entrepreneurs from the lure of fast money — a trap he calls “hustling.”

How To Become An Entrepreneur At Midlife

AFRICANGLOBE - Entrepreneurship late in life can be a path toward greater fulfillment – and financial security. “A lot of people still harbor this desire – the great American dream of starting a business. I wanted to affirm that it is possible. They’re ordinary people doing extraordinary things,”

Entrepreneurs Must Tread Lightly When Going Into Business With Friends Or...

AFRICANGLOBE - All entrepreneurs should plan for the worst case scenario, and part of this is to determine whether the relationship can survive a business failure. If the relationship is valued and cannot survive a business failure, it is probably not wise to pursue the venture together.

10 African Startups That Rocked 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - 2014 has been another amazing year for startups in Africa. More and more entrepreneurs turned their attention to building businesses that can solve the continent’s problems and provide services it has long awaited. Enterprises emerged to fix problems in payments, traffic and talent, while more entrepreneurs raised more money from investors than ever before.

An Entrepreneurial 2015: How Tony Elumelu Launched A $100m Programme

AFRICANGLOBE - Tony Elumelu CON, is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, with over twenty years experience in the Banking and Investment sector in Africa. In the course of his career, Elumelu says he has met hundreds of entrepreneurs who carry in them the hope of Africa’s future.

Europe’s Largest Business Event For Black Business And Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE - Europe’s largest business, culture and lifestyle show for Black business and entrepreneurs BEX LIVE International coming to Birmingham Eastside on Saturday, 4th October, 2014.

The Small Business Directory: Connecting Black Business

AFRICANGLOBE - Entrepreneurs and business professionals have a new resource that may be the key to unlocking success as well as circulation of the dollar within Black communities. The Small Black Business Directory will help small Black businesses connect easier with their customers.

Seven Tips For Entrepreneurs Wanting To Be The Next Dangote

AFRICANGLOBE - Are people born entrepreneurs or can business skills be learnt? Owinga believes the basics of entrepreneurship can be taught. However, it is essential to have the ability to identify opportunities, a business mindset and a passion for whatever venture you want to pursue.

Five Things You Can Learn From Kenya’s Top Businesspeople

AFRICANGLOBE - Over the past years we have interviewed many of Kenya’s most successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs. They have all overcome numerous hurdles to get...

‘Business Is Not A Short Sprint, It’s A Marathon,’ Says Baby...

AFRICANGLOBE - Entrepreneurs should be patient and make “continuous investment” in their businesses before expecting rewards. This is according to Kenyan entrepreneur Carol Ngige.

The 5 Levels Of Entrepreneurial Mindsets

AFRICANGLOBE - Those who want a greater sense of responsibility and control over their lives and have the confidence to experiment with that possibility often rise up from the ground level of employee status to the first level of entrepreneurship. They do this by becoming self-employed.

Nigeria: The Land of Entrepreneurs

One of Nigeria’s most precious resources is its human capital. This country’s vitality serves as proof that Nigeria is home to millions of entrepreneurs. It is testimony that the people of this nation, regardless of the below-standard state of its infrastructure, know how to thrive in enterprise.

Start Your Own Entertainment Equipment Rental Business – Here is How

AFRICANGLOBE- Entrepreneurs across Africa now have the opportunity to start their own entertainment equipment rental business by partnering with The Famous Fun Group.

Own Your Own Food Manufacturing Business – Learn How

AFRICANGLOBE - Fixtrade, a South Africa-based producer of stainless steel equipment, is offering entrepreneurs in Africa the opportunity to start their own small-scale food manufacturing businesses.

A Crowdfunding Site for Black Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE- The Black community has a tradition of “passing the hat” to collect donations when a friend needs financial help. That same custom guides BlackCrowdfunding.net, a Web site Cunningham has created where Black entrepreneurs can raise money to start businesses.