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New Online Tool Connects African Entrepreneurs With Business Experts Across The...

AFRICANGLOBE - As of this week, entrepreneurs looking for advice to grow their business in Africa will get direct access to a pool of dedicated mentors, while Africans living in the Diaspora and business experts from around the world are now able to get directly involved with venture creation and provide critical feedback to promising entrepreneurs across the African continent.

Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

AFRICANGLOBE - Who is an entrepreneur? Are entrepreneurs born or made? Are some, more entrepreneurial endowed than others? I need to know! These questions and many more has kept me pondering for a while now and I had to do an inquiry to get an answer.

Wanted: Young African Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE - The Anzisha Prize, hosted by the African Leadership Academy in collaboration with The MasterCard Foundation, is inviting young businesspeople from around Africa to enter for its latest youth entrepreneurial competition. With $75,000 in cash prizes, the prestigious Anzisha Prize aims to reward young African entrepreneurs who are making positive impact by transforming their communities through initiative and innovation.

Boost for Africa As Business Students Head Home As Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE - African Diasporan MBA students from leading Western business schools have affirmed their conviction in Africa's potential for fostering small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs). 70 percent will work in Africa after graduation, according to a new survey by Jacana Partners, the pan-African private equity firm

New Survey Shows That African Students Prefer to Become Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE - A recent survey reveals that many African students prefer to be entrepreneurs and self-employed. The Association of Business Executives’ Entrepreneurship in Africa report...

Why Blacks Are More Likely to Start a Business, But Whites...

Many African-Americans want to run their own businesses. Some surveys show that African-Americans are more interested in running their own businesses than Whites. African-Americans...

Entrepreneurship No Longer A Necessity In Africa?

The “Accelerating Entrepreneurship in Africa” study conducted by Monitor Group in partnership with Omidya Network has revealed that despite significant challenges, entrepreneurship is gaining...

10 Top Reasons Why First-Time Business Ventures Fail

"For entrepreneurs -- especially those just starting out -- businesses succeed as much as they fail. I’ve seen this time and again as a...

IBM Taps Into South Africa’s Tech Entrepreneurs

For the first time, global technology giant IBM will hold its Global Entrepreneur Programme in tech-budding South Africa, according to a statement by the...