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21 Quotes On Entrepreneurship: By Africans For Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - Entrepreneurship does take a toll on your social life. You are always focused on the business, thinking about work, even when you’ve taken time off to unwind… You need to be passionate about what you are doing. Then you need to have a purpose – for me it’s building a legacy and having a positive influence in society. Then you need perseverance to stick through the tough times; a plan to get you where you want to go; and good people to walk with you.

7 Resolutions To Follow In 2017 If You Want To Get...

AFRICANGLOBE - Would you like to be rich? Judging by how much is spent on lottery tickets, it’s fair to assume that many of us would love to be rich. Lottery sales in the U.S. totaled more than $73 billion during fiscal year 2015, according to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries.

Former NBA Star Jamal Mashburn Now Owns More Than 80 Franchises

AFRICANGLOBE - Success on the court doesn't always lead to success off the court for many professional NBA players who retire from the sport. But for this former NBA player, it lead to owning 80 franchise locations and five car dealerships.

Why You Should Start A Business And Become Your Own Boss

AFRICANGLOBE - “Moving into self-employment can be hugely beneficial. It gives you the autonomy to do things your way, which can be a huge bonus for people who have spent years working for others.

15 Gangster Movies Every Entrepreneur Should See And The Lessons They...

AFRICANGLOBE - Gangsters became such a fascination in the early 20th century that Hollywood, always looking for a new trend, jumped on it with gusto. They haven’t stopped since. Some of the most memorable films of all time come from this genre, which touches on so many factors that make up America, including an entrepreneurial spirit. Of course, the entrepreneurs in these cases work outside the law, which is not advisable. But in watching these movies from the perspective of a business owner, each offers a lessons we could all do well to remember.

Want To Be Your Own Boss? Here’s What You Need To...

AFRICANGLOBE - “I want to be my own boss” is a thought that has definitely crossed the minds of most corporate managers at some time in their careers. When you look at all the work you put in at work, working 12 hour days, the thought of doing all this work for yourself would definitely have crossed your mind. This thought had often crossed my mind as well before I set out on my own and founded my own company.

This Entrepreneur Built An App Without Knowing How To Code —...

AFRICANGLOBE - Building an app without knowing how to code? How is that possible? Ask Tara Reed from Detroit, Michigan. This genius entrepreneur created a successful app, even though she knew nothing about coding - and little did she know that it would make her a millionaire!

Turning A Dollar Into $500 Million: The Story Of Cosmas Maduka

AFRICANGLOBE - In today’s Nigeria, the name Cosmas Maduka is synonymous with Coscharis Motors. And why wouldn’t it be since the bearer of the name is the multi-billionaire Chairman/CEO of Coscharis Group of Companies and the sole distributor for BMW in Nigeria. Dr. Cosmas Maduka’s success is one that everyone knows of, but let’s go through his journey to success together.

5 Ways These YouTube Superstars Built Business Empires

AFRICANGLOBE - The entrepreneur's dream is to turn what he or she loves into something that will actually turn a profit. YouTube is home to more than a billion users, and some of the platform's creators have been able to channel their passion and leverage the support of their fans into thriving business empires.

5 Top Black Business Owners You May Not Know, But Should

AFRICANGLOBE - Five African American business leaders whose successes is paving the way for future generations. Liggins took over as CEO of Radio One in 1997; under his leadership, he took the company public in 1999. The company has since expanded into 22 markets, with 18 million listeners, making it the nation’s largest African American owned and operated urban-market radio broadcasting company in the United States.

How Alfredo Jones Built A Top Engineering Services Company In Equatorial...

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2002 Alfredo Jones founded Alduco, an Equatorial Guinea-based engineering company providing services to the hydrocarbons sector in West and Central Africa. After studying and working in the UK for a number of years, Jones returned to the continent in 2001 to take advantage of opportunities in Equatorial Guinea’s nascent oil industry.

10 Ways To Ditch Your Job And Never Work For Anyone...

AFRICANGLOBE - In a bad economy where jobs are scarce, Scott Gerber, author of Never Get A Real Job, believes that the only way to secure your employment and financial future is to start a company. "The resume-driven society says, if we work hard and go to school, we'll get a job and be ok. That traditional thinking no longer applies," says Gerber. "Now, more than ever, you need to be entrepreneurial to be successful; you need to create a job to keep a job."

Most Athletes Go Broke In Retirement. David Robinson Just Launched His...

AFRICANGLOBE - It's true that 60% of athletes go broke within five years of retiring, but there are certainly exceptions, too. Guys like Hall of Famer David Robinson, who made good money during their playing days and then kept making money off the court. Robinson, nicknamed "The Admiral" because of his graduation from The Naval Academy, currently has a net worth of $70 million, and is doing so well since his retirement that he just opened up a second private-equity fund.

Kenyan Entrepreneurship Developing At “Lightning” Speed

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya is seeing similar “lighting” speed development in terms of entrepreneurship as witnessed in China a decade ago, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the GEDI Institute.

These 15 Books By Billionaires Will Teach You How To Run...

AFRICANGLOBE - Whether you want to launch an empire or become the best in your field, who better to consult than those who've achieved the peak of professional and financial success? That's why we've rounded up 15 books by self-made billionaires. Learn how these masters of industry achieved the impossible, in their own words.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?

AFRICANGLOBE - If you're thinking of taking the entrepreneurial plunge, it's important to know to what it takes to be successful before you make what could be the biggest financial and emotional commitment of your life. Here are five ways to know if entrepreneurship may be right for you.