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10 Ways Racism Killed Michael Brown And Eric Garner

AFRICANGLOBE - American society is organized around the maintenance and protection of White privilege. Racism is not an opinion. Racism is a fact. White racism deniers, and those others who have perverted the notion of “colorblindness” in order to advance and protect White supremacy

New York Policing And The Problem Of Institutional Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - Historically America has much invested in criminalizing African-Americans—this is one way to justify the historical wrongs inflicted. And, under the guise of “fighting crime” the war against Black America continues.

Remembering Eric Garner Father Of Six

AFRICANGLOBE - With relatives and progressive elected officials leading the way, New Yorkers of all walks of life have responded with outrage to the murder of 43-year-old father of six, Eric Garner. Garner was murdered on Thursday, July 17 while in police custody. He was handcuffed and on the ground after being dragged to the pavement by the chokehold of a plain clothed police officer. Chokeholds are forbidden according to NYPD procedure.

Revenge? Man Who Filmed NYPD Strangling Eric Garner Arrested For Gun...

AFRICANGLOBE - A man who captured video of the fatal strangulation of Eric Garner by officers belonging to the NYPD was arrested Saturday night on gun possession charges at a Staten Island hotel, according to a law enforcement official.

HOMICIDE: Medical Examiner Rules NYPD Chokehold Killed Eric Garner

AFRICANGLOBE - Eric Garner’s death by chokehold was a homicide. The Staten Island man who collapsed after being placed in the banned restraint by a police officer died from compression of the neck and chest, the New York City Medical Examiner ruled Friday.

The Lynching Of Eric Garner

AFRICANGLOBE - Let me be clear – Eric Garner was lynched. He was brutally assaulted and choked to death by a police officer who, supposedly trained, abused his authority with deadly precision. It is not enough to state that the officer used deadly force because when it comes to Black males and police, there is a violent regularity that has persisted for decades.

Cops At The Precinct Where Eric Garner Died May Have Killed...

AFRICANGLOBE - A police review panel has recommended disciplinary charges against three Staten Island cops — all assigned to the precinct already under fire in Eric Garner’s death — for using excessive force and failing to get medical treatment for a 52-year-old man who died while in custody. Irving Mizell's death was ruled 'accidental' by the medical examiner after he died in NYPD custody due to an alleged heart attack. A new lawsuit claims Mizell was 'viciously beaten, and assaulted' out of view of security cameras.

Eric Garner: A Victim Of The Police Ritual Of Black Male...

AFRICANGLOBE - It can be said that the harassment and murder of Black men in Amerikkka is a tradition. A tradition where the murderous Klan of rogue officers always get acquitted while keeping their full pensions while avoiding any prison time. That’s the power of the Fraternal Order Of The Police and their expensive forked tongue lawyers, crooked judges and the Blue Wall of Silence.

Eric Garner’s Widow Demand Justice

AFRICANGLOBE - Eric Garner "was not a violent man -- not in any way, shape or form," said his widow, Esaw Garner, in what were described as her first public remarks about the death.

Daniel Pantaleo: This Is The NYPD Officer Who Strangled Eric Garner

AFRICANGLOBE - Daniel Pantaleo the NYPD officer who was captured on video placing a Staten Island man in a chokehold had a long history of complaints against him, a complaint filed against him following a March 2012 traffic stop.

Family, Friends Say Goodbye To Eric Garner, The Man Choked To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Tears, songs and sermons filled a Brooklyn church Wednesday as grief-stricken family and friends, along with politicians and civil rights leaders, said final goodbyes to Eric Garner, who was choked to death on a city street by the NYPD.

NYPD Attempting To Cover-Up Eric Garner Chokehold Killing

AFRICANGLOBE - Bill Bratton's NYPD apparently tried to coverup the chokehold killing of Eric Garner with falsified Police report and story disseminated to the media.

NYPD Already Lying About Strangling Eric Garner To Death

AFRICANGLOBE - An NYPD internal report prepared right after Eric Garner's murder on Staten Island last Thursday plays down the incident, with supervising officers failing to note the strangulation and insisting Eric Garner was not in “great distress.”

Officer Who Murdered Eric Garner Should Be In Jail

AFRICANGLOBE - The grieving son of Eric Garner the man who was choked to death by a NYPD officer said Sunday he wants to see the cop behind bars.

MURDER: Staten Island Man Choked To Death By NYPD Cops

AFRICANGOBE - A Staten Island man was killed Thursday after a White cop put him in a chokehold and other White officers slam his head against the sidewalk, video of the incident shows.