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How Much Money Do The Highest-Paid ESPN Stars Make?

AFRICANGLOBE - ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith is negotiating a new contract to become the highest-paid star at the network. Smith is set to make anywhere from $8 to $10 million per year, with the new contract kicking off in 2021. Smith was candid in his response to people criticizing the deal, saying, "Everybody at ESPN or in the world of sports media does not deserve to be paid what I get paid. I don't believe it. I just don't, and I'll never apologize for it."

White Comedian Thinks Tweeting Slavery-Inspired Rape Fantasies About Black Women Is...

AFRICANGLOBE - Comedian Artie Lange directed a series of sexually violent and racist tweets at ESPN First Take’s Cari Champion yesterday and the vile tweets are still up. Lange, who has appeared on ESPN programming as a guest, first tweeted “how f*ckin hot” Champion is before saying how he was trying to mast*rbate to her but was interrupted by the constant panning back and forth to her male co-hosts, Skip Bayless and Stephen A.