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Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam Is Mine!

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia has a proud history and is a very proud nation. It has successfully safeguarded its independence and sovereignty for thousands of years with the blood and bones of its forefathers and foremothers in spite of numerous challenges and ups and downs. It has never bowed to any external invader and no foreign force has ever conquered and occupied its land. It has repeatedly and successfully repelled all foreign aggressions and the battles of Adwa, Gundet , Gura, ets. are testimonial to its proud history. As our late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi recently stated, “nobody who has tried to invade Ethiopia has lived to tell the story”.

Ashenda: Ethiopia’s Festival Of Women

AFRICANGLOBE - It is a cultural celebration associated with northern Ethiopia especially to the Tigray and Amhara regional states. It is uniquely female as it is reserved for girls and young women. It is a yearly event during which the target group engage in different fun activities including drumming, dancing and socialization. It usually takes place between August – September.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Power For Ethiopia, Disaster For Egypt?

AFRICANGLOBE - The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is an integral part of the Ethiopian economic and political development strategy. It is hoped that it will provide much needed electricity for industrial development and give the country greater control over the flow of the Nile. Despite Cairo’s concerns regarding the dam, water flow in the Nile River is likely to become increasingly erratic and Egypt will become increasingly reliant on overseas food markets regardless of the GERD.

Take Note: The Ethiopian Renaissance Is Happening Now

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia is more than the tragically fatal scene of a plane crash. With more than 100 million people, Ethiopia is the second most populous African nation after Nigeria. Landlocked Ethiopia is also the continent’s fastest growing economy with arguably its most dynamic young leader.

Secretive Ethiopia Is Operating The Pantsir-S1 Air Defence System

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia is now operating the Russian Pantsir-S1 air defence system, with television footage showing the gun/missile defence system in Ethiopian National Defence Force service. Footage shown on Ethiopian television this month showed at least one system in service, alongside an S-125 (SA-3) launcher. It is not clear when the Pantsir-S1 system was delivered or how many have been received.

After Scalping Him Britain To Return The Locks Of Ethiopian Emperor...

AFRICANGLOBE - Britain’s National Army Museum is set to return a looted braid of hair of Ethiopia’s Emperor Tewadros II, media reports have suggested. The BBC’s former reporter in Ethiopia also tweeted about the development which is a significant step in the country’s long fight for the return from UK of plundered ancient artefacts. British troops ransacked Emperor Tewodros II’s Maqdala fortress in Ethiopia using 200 mules and 15 camels to carry the loot of sacred manuscripts and royal gold.

Ethiopia’s Battle With Egypt Over The Nile Has Just Begun

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa’s longest river, the Nile runs through 11 countries. One of them is Ethiopia which contributes about 85% of the Nile water flowing to Sudan and Egypt. The 11 nations are hoping that the massive Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is currently under construction, will open up many new opportunities from electric power supply to reducing evaporation losses.

Ethiopians Celebrate The Battle Of Adwa, Call For Unity

AFRICANGLOBE - Bedecked in lion mane collars, warriors’ headdresses and military fatigues, thousands of Ethiopians descended on Addis Ababa’s main squares to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Adwa – one of Ethiopia’s finest hours in the battlefield. It was in the northern town of Adwa 123 years ago that poorly-armed Ethiopians – clad in such attire – routed an Italian force that sought to expand Rome’s fledgling 19th century colonial empire.

Ethiopia To Build Country’s Largest Data Center Ever

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia set to built the country's biggest data center next year, as part of plans to expand telecom services across the nation, officials from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology said.

What Is Saudi Arabia Up To In The Horn Of Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - The relationship between the United States and its longtime staunch ally in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, is on shifting ground. Why? Largely because U.S. foreign policy is focused less on the global war on terrorism and more on political and economic threats from the likes of China and Russia.

Indians Held Hostage After Refusing To Pay Ethiopian Workers

AFRICANGLOBE - India’s foreign ministry is investigating claims by expatriates in Ethiopia who say they are being held hostage by local staff that haven’t been paid after the financier Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. began defaulting on $12.6 billion in debt.

Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam A Big Challenge To Egypt’s Aggressive Nile Stance

AFRICANGLOBE - The threat to use force to defend Egypt’s right to water from the Nile has been a common theme through successive governments. Egypt needs to stop issuing threats and turn its attention to normal bargaining processes as the first step towards equitable and reasonable sharing for all the riparian states.

An Ethiopia-Backed Port Is Changing Power Dynamics In The Horn Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - When Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993, Ethiopia became landlocked and therefore dependent on its neighbors—especially Djibouti—for access to international markets. This dependency has hampered Ethiopia’s aspiration to emerge as the uncontested regional power in the Horn of Africa. Recently, however, the ground has been shifting.

Ethiopia Wants To Blast Economy Forward With Satellite Launch

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia plans next year to join an exclusive club of African nations: those with their own national satellites. The country's first satellite, due to be launched in September with China's help and backing, is being put in place in part to track environmental concerns, said the head of the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI).

Ethiopia Opens Africa’s First Waste To Energy Plant

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia recently inaugurated a power plant which converts waste into energy, next to a filthy open-air dump in Addis Ababa where a landslide last year killed more than 110 people. Named Reppie, the facility is the first of its kind in Africa, according to the government and the British company Cambridge Industries behind the project, and will turn 1 400 tons of waste per day into energy.

Preparing For War: Egypt Looking To Buy More Apache Helicopters

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt has requested the sale of ten Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopters at an estimated cost of $1 billion. The possible Foreign Military Sale (FMS) was approved by the US State Department on 27 November, with the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) delivering the required certification notifying Congress of the possible sale.