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Ethiopian Airlines Pilot Reported Flight Control Problems Before Crash

AFRICANGLOBE - The pilot of Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302 had "flight control problems" shortly before the fatal crash, the company's chief executive has told CNN. CEO Tewolde GebreMariam told CNN's Richard Quest on Tuesday that a recorded conversation with air traffic control detailed the final moments of the flight.

Ethiopia Overtakes Dubai As Top Feeder Of Air Traffic To Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia has overtaken Dubai as a conduit for long-haul passengers to Africa, highlighting the success of the state airline’s expansion drive and the reforms of its new prime minister. Travel consultancy Forward Keys said on Wednesday Addis Ababa airport had increased the number of international transfer passengers to Africa for five years in a row, and in 2018 had surpassed Dubai, one of the world’s busiest airports, as the transfer hub for long-haul travel to the continent.

Ethiopian Airlines Records Another Spectacular Year

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa's largest Airline Group, Ethiopian Airlines, has ended yet another year of fast and profitable growth in 2016, highlighted by fleet and network expansion as well as significant investment in customer services in the air and on the ground.

How Ethiopian Airlines Is Bucking A Continent-Wide Trend

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s largest and most profitable airline, earning more than its rivals on the continent combined. Its expansion has been rapid: by 2015 it served 82 international destinations, with 13 more added this year. According to unaudited figures, it nearly doubled its profits in the last financial year (see chart). And that is amid national turmoil.

Ethiopian Airlines Flying High As Other Carriers Sink

AFRICANGLOBE - While other major African airlines, including Kenya Airways and South African Airways, slid into loss, Ethiopian Airlines has grown its revenue and expanded its routes to become the most networked carrier on the continent.

Forget China: Ethiopia Is The Business Model South Africa Needs To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Next time President Jacob Zuma sends a government delegation outside the country to learn how other governments run state companies he must consider an unlikely tutor, Ethiopia. Poor as it is compared to South Africa, Ethiopia can teach our government officials a thing or two on how to run state companies profitably without bleeding state coffers.

Ethiopian Airlines Orders Six More Dreamliners

AFRICANGLOBE - Boeing announced at the Paris air show on Wednesday that Ethiopian Airlines was the unidentified customer behind a previously announced order for six 787-8 Dreamliners, worth $1.3 billion at list prices.

See Ethiopia’s Capital, Think Dubai

AFRICANGLOBE - Between its nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the 12th century monolithic rock-cut churches at Lalibela, the breathtaking Simien Mountains in the north and the Omo Valley in the south, Ethiopia is endowed with a combination of cultural heritage sites and natural beauty that is unequalled on the continent.

Ethiopia To Build Biggest Air Cargo Hub In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Airlines’ drive to become a global carrier is to be supported by the construction of a world-class cargo terminal at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The $98m terminal, which will be the size of five football grounds, is to be designed by German engineer Unitechnik Group.

Ethiopian Airlines Order 20 Boeing 737s Worth $2.1bn

AFRICANGLOBE - While the fate of Nigeria National Carrier still hangs in the balance, Ethiopia's national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, is breaking grounds and creating economic prosperity for its country.

Ethiopian Airlines Ranked As Africa’s Largest Carrier In Revenue And Profit

AFRICANGLOBE - According to IATA annual airlines ranking, Ethiopian is first in Africa and 37th in the world in revenue as well as first in Africa and 18th in the world in operating profit. The historical ranking achieved by Ethiopian in 2013 is a testimony of the confidence of passengers in the airline; the soundness of its 15 year strategic roadmap of fast, profitable and sustainable growth, Vision 2025; the strategic guidance and support of the airline’s Board of Directors and the Government of Ethiopia; the dedication and competence of its management; and the commitment, skill and hard work of its employees.

Ethiopian Airlines Selects Congo For Fourth Hub To Tap China Demand

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise said it will locate its fourth hub in the Democratic Republic of Congo as Africa’s No. 2 carrier seeks to tap Chinese economic links and fill long-haul flights to destinations such as Brazil.

Ethiopian Airlines Seeks Fleet Upgrade As It Studies New Routes

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise is looking to add single-aisle and wide-body planes to feed an expansion as it studies Los Angeles, Madrid and Jakarta for future destinations, its chief executive officer said.

Ethiopian Airlines Makes Record High Profit of 2.7 Billion Birr

AFRICANGLOBE - The fastest-growing airline in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines, on Thursday announced that it made a record high profit of 2.7 billion in the 2012-2013 fiscal year ended last June.

Viewpoint Lodge On Babagoya Lake Retains Top Tripadvisor Rating

Too little is known really about Ethiopia. It is therefore always a pleasure to tell a bit of good news about tourism developments in that country, where history, culture and even national parks offer aplenty to those keen to learn more about one of Africa’s hidden gems.

Ethiopian Airlines Aim to Be Africa’s Dominant Carrier by 2025

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian airlines the state-owned carrier, founded 67 years ago, has come to symbolise a modernising African country that is still among the poorest in the world but is nonetheless its third-fastest-growing economy.