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Ethiopian Dam Project Could Start Power Generation By June

AFRICANGLOBE - A much-delayed $1.8 billion dam project under construction along Ethiopia's Omo river could begin generating power by June and be fully operational by early 2016, an official said on Thursday.

No Financial Shortage Threatening Ethiopian Dam Construction

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn confirmed that there is no financial constraint threatening construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

US Developer Launches 400 MW Wind Project In Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Terra Global Energy Developers, LLC (Terra), the first United States wind energy developer to enter Ethiopia’s growing wind energy sector, today announced the launch of a 400 MW wind energy project in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia.

Nile Dam Project a Hydropower Hope, But Regional Envy

Ethiopia has begun construction of a 6,000 megawatt (MW) hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile river, a move that has been greeted enthusiastically by...

Ethiopia Says Electric Coverage Now 47 Percent

Ethiopia has been able to raise electricity coverage to almost half of the country, as the nation claims to be have one of the...

Ethiopia Secures WB Loan for Kenya Link Electricity Substations

A high-level delegation from the Ethiopian government has secured a loan for the construction of substations for the Ethiopia to Kenya power interconnection project...