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Study: Ethiopian Jews Lagging Behind Rest In Israel

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian-Israelis continue to lag behind other Jewish Israelis economically, a study released Thursday by the Taub Center for Social Policy Research shows. Although based on Central Bureau of Statistics figures from 1998-2013, researchers believe the situation on the ground has not changed much in the past two years.

Israel Failed Ethiopian Community, President Says

AFRICANGLOBE - Between 1979 and 1990 Israel organized several transports of Ethiopian Jews to Israel via Sudan. Hundreds or, by some estimates, thousands of people died on the trip from Ethiopia to the Sudanese camps from where they left to Israel. However, many in the community say that upon reaching Israel, they were met with a country that did not do enough to integrate them into society.

Ethiopian-Israeli Rapper Featured In Documentary About Blacks Killed By Car Bomb

AFRICANGLOBE - Yisrael Maharat, was featured in the movie Schorim (Blacks) along with friends Meir Saalo and Danny Kabada, who made up the rap group KMS. The movie depicts their day-to-day life in the predominantly Ethiopian-Israeli neighborhood of Kiryat Moshe, one of the most impoverished areas in Israel. In the film, they rap about racism, poverty and their problems integrating into Israeli society.