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No Charges For Israeli Cop Caught On Video Assaulting Ethiopian ...

AFRICANGLOBE - The incident, filmed in late April, led to protests by Ethiopian Israelis against police brutality and racism, including one in early May that ended in violence and dozens of arrests as police and rioters clashed in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square. In mid-May the police officer involved was fired by the Israel Police, but protesters have repeatedly demanded he be placed on trial.

Anti-Black Racism Exposed In Israel, America

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Israelis, long the victims of systematic racial discrimination in Israel, evoked the spirit of Baltimore and demanded an end to discrimination and police brutality. However, it was in the liberal bastion of Tel Aviv that the protests turned into a battle zone between the police and Ethiopian Israelis.

Ethiopia Demands Explanation From Israel Over Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopian government has expressed concern over Israeli authorities' treatment of Ethiopian-Israelis. It appears Addis Ababa has been following the violent clashes over the past few weeks between Israelis of Ethiopian origin and police, while several Ethiopian news outlets accused Israel of racism and brutality towards Ethiopian Israelis.

Israel’s Long History Of Racism: What Exactly Are Ethiopian Israelis Protesting?

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Israelis have often complained that they are made to feel like second-class Jews. The Falashmura, descendants of Ethiopian Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity and began arriving in Israel about 20 years ago, have been required to undergo actual conversion in Israel — not only the immersion ritual — to be eligible for citizenship.

Ethiopian Israelis Protests Against Police Beating And Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - Clashes have broken out in Jerusalem as more than 1,000 Ethiopian Israelis staged a protest, demanding an investigation into alleged police racism and violence. At least 13 people were injured and two police officers and five protesters were taken to hospital, the Magen David Adom ambulance service said after protests on Thursday.

Ethiopian Jews March Against Israeli Racism

Activists from the Ethiopian immigrant community and others reacted with fury Wednesday over comments by Immigrant Absorption Minister Sofa Landver that these olim should be “thankful” for what they have received from the State of Israel. Speaking at an emergency session of the Knesset Committee for Aliya, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, which was called in light of reports of blatant racism among individuals who refuse to sell or rent their homes to Ethiopian Israelis, Landver said the country had done “everything possible to absorb” Ethiopian immigrants.