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Jewish Agency to End Mass Immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel

AFRICANGLOBE - AFRICANGLOBE - The Jewish Agency is preparing to end the mass immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel with two final flights consisting of 400 immigrants on August 28. The Jewish Agency emissary to Ethiopia, Asher Seyum, made the announcement in a brief letter, saying

Israel’s Absorption of Ethiopian Jews a Failure – Scathing Report

AFRICANGLOBE - A large majority of the Ashkenazi rabbinate in Israel not only rejected Ethiopian Jews’ Judaism – they rejected Ethiopian Jews very Jewishness, even after Ethiopian Jews went through Orthodox conversion ceremonies. Israeli schools also do not teach Ethiopian Jewish history or culture, and few books, movies or TV shows positively depicting Ethiopian Jews

Ethiopia’s Lost Jews

AFRICANGLOBE - The coercive eviction of Ethiopia's Beta Israel community was an act of societal vandalism, whose stated justifications of hunger and religious discrimination are false. The treatment of the Ethiopian Jews in Israel has been at best shabby and at worst - as we now learn - outright scandalous.

Evidence Israel Sterilized Ethiopian Jews

AFRICANGLOBE - Women belonging to Israel's Ethiopian Jewish community say that while waiting in transit camps in Ethiopia they were coaxed by officials from Israel into agreeing to injections of long-acting birth control drugs.