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The Plight Of Ethiopian Jews In Israel

AFRICANGLOBE - The story of the immigration and absorption of Ethiopian Jews in Israel epitomises the best and the worst of Israeli society. True to its Zionist dream of being a haven for Jews, the Jewish state embarked on risky and expensive rescue operations in the 1980s and 1990s. These brought tens of thousands of Jews from remote parts of Ethiopia, who had suffered from religious persecution, famine and civil wars.

Racism In Israel And Beyond

AFRICANGLOBE - The riot of Ethiopian Jews in Israel who were protesting against racism is a sad reflection on Israeli society. It must not be exaggerated, but it should come as no surprise. There has always been a disconnect between the ideals of Israel’s state institutions and the petty prejudice and fighting against and between its minority communities.

Ethiopia Demands Explanation From Israel Over Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopian government has expressed concern over Israeli authorities' treatment of Ethiopian-Israelis. It appears Addis Ababa has been following the violent clashes over the past few weeks between Israelis of Ethiopian origin and police, while several Ethiopian news outlets accused Israel of racism and brutality towards Ethiopian Israelis.

Ethiopia’s Lost Jews

AFRICANGLOBE - The coercive eviction of Ethiopia's Beta Israel community was an act of societal vandalism, whose stated justifications of hunger and religious discrimination are false. The treatment of the Ethiopian Jews in Israel has been at best shabby and at worst - as we now learn - outright scandalous.