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Ethiopian Judaism Identical To That Practiced By Ancient Jews?

AFRICANGLOBE - Dr. Yossi Ziv has been researching the religious rituals of the Ethiopian Jewish population still in Ethiopia and discovered that they maintained the same customs and traditions as the Jews of the Second Temple period for the past two thousand years. "It’s knowledge which hasn't been written anywhere, and has been preserved in their traditions," the researcher said. "They have been curating ancient customs that have disappeared from the world. They provide examples of how the leaders of the nation of Israel would have behaved during the time of the Second Temple."

Israel’s Police Chief: It’s ‘Natural’ To Suspect Ethiopian Jews To Be...

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich on Tuesday drew widespread condemnation after he appeared to say that it was “natural” for law-enforcement officers to be more suspicious of Ethiopian Israelis than of other citizens.

Ethiopian Jews Arrested For Protesting Racism In Israel

AFRICANGLOBE - A number of Ethiopian Jews were placed under arrest Sunday evening after police said that they had "disrupted the public order" during a protest held in Tel Aviv. Israel Police said in a statement that the demonstrators were detained after they began blocking the entrance to the South Ayalon Highway, preventing the flow of traffic to vehicles.

Study: Ethiopian Jews Lagging Behind Rest In Israel

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian-Israelis continue to lag behind other Jewish Israelis economically, a study released Thursday by the Taub Center for Social Policy Research shows. Although based on Central Bureau of Statistics figures from 1998-2013, researchers believe the situation on the ground has not changed much in the past two years.

Israeli Police Clash With Anti-Racism Ethiopian Jewish Protesters

AFRICANGLOBE- Violent clashes erupted yesterday between hundreds of Israeli Jews of Ethiopian origin and the police during anti-racism protests in Tel Aviv. Israel's Channel 10 reported that the clashes broke out after the protesters tried to enter Rabin Square in Tel Aviv's city centre.

Ethiopian Jews Ask Do Their Lives Matter

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopians known as the Black Jews share birthright and are accepted as legitimate citizens. They practice the religion, speak fluent Hebrew and serve in the Israeli Defense Forces as required by the government. And yet the disparities are all so familiar to those of Blacks in America.

Ethiopian Jews Clash With Israeli Police In Renewed Protest

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Jews, among thousands Israel airlifted in dramatic top-secret operations in the 1980s and 1990s, have long complained of discrimination in Israel. Last month Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial city, saw its largest demonstration in years when police on horseback charged at hundreds of protesters to disperse an angry outburst at a video showing policemen beating a soldier of Ethiopian descent.

The Plight Of Ethiopian Jews In Israel

AFRICANGLOBE - The story of the immigration and absorption of Ethiopian Jews in Israel epitomises the best and the worst of Israeli society. True to its Zionist dream of being a haven for Jews, the Jewish state embarked on risky and expensive rescue operations in the 1980s and 1990s. These brought tens of thousands of Jews from remote parts of Ethiopia, who had suffered from religious persecution, famine and civil wars.

Ethiopia Demands Explanation From Israel Over Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopian government has expressed concern over Israeli authorities' treatment of Ethiopian-Israelis. It appears Addis Ababa has been following the violent clashes over the past few weeks between Israelis of Ethiopian origin and police, while several Ethiopian news outlets accused Israel of racism and brutality towards Ethiopian Israelis.

Israel’s Long History Of Racism: What Exactly Are Ethiopian Israelis Protesting?

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Israelis have often complained that they are made to feel like second-class Jews. The Falashmura, descendants of Ethiopian Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity and began arriving in Israel about 20 years ago, have been required to undergo actual conversion in Israel — not only the immersion ritual — to be eligible for citizenship.

Ethiopian Israelis Protests Against Police Beating And Racism

AFRICANGLOBE - Clashes have broken out in Jerusalem as more than 1,000 Ethiopian Israelis staged a protest, demanding an investigation into alleged police racism and violence. At least 13 people were injured and two police officers and five protesters were taken to hospital, the Magen David Adom ambulance service said after protests on Thursday.

Jewish Agency Asks ‘All Who Are Hungry To Come And Eat’...

Ethiopian Jews are seeking to identify with their religion, yet stumbling blocks are being thrown in their path. Ethiopian Jews came to Israel to create new lives for themselves. They came with visions of finding Jewish meaning and creating new lives for their families. They came with the dreams of being valued and contributing members of Israeli society. Instead, they are treated with prejudice and denied opportunities that they see are received by others. They are living in crowded apartments. They have little food on their tables.

Ethiopian Rabbis Accuse Israeli Rabbinate Of Racial Discrimination

AFRICANGLOBE - Israeli rabbis of Ethiopian origin yesterday accused the Israeli rabbinate of racially discriminating against them. Israel's Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper released a report yesterday claiming that Ethiopian rabbis are racially discriminated against by the rabbinate because of their skin colour.

“You Don’t Like It? Go Back To Ethiopia!” Israeli Cops Told...

AFRICANGLOBE - "This has been an ongoing problem for more than a decade. 40% of the minors held at the Ofek Prison are Ethiopian emigrants while we comprise less than 2% of the population. This is beyond compare. The police destroys the lives of our youth and casts them to oblivion. How can it be that racism is not a criminal offence?"

Ethiopian Jews Beaten In Israeli Hate Crime

AFRICANGLOBE - Late last week, two Ethiopian Jewish men – one of whom is elderly – were savagely attacked at gunpoint near the central bus station in Petah Tikva, Israel. A 74-year-old man suffered serious injuries in the attack, including a fractured skull, and is reportedly still hospitalized at Beilinson Hospital in the city.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Black Jew?

AFRICANGLOBE - News articles on Black communities who profess mythical Jewish origins act like catnip for closeted Jewish bigots who relish an opportunity to express their nasty thoughts about Black people.