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China And Ethiopia Agrees To Strengthen Military Ties

AFRICANGLOBE - Fan Changlong, Vice Chairman of China's Central Military Commission, has agreed with Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome and Minister of Defense, Siraj Fegessa, to strengthen the two countries' cooperation in the military arena. The military relations between China and Ethiopia are currently advancing, and they have made fruitful exchanges and cooperation.

Ethiopian Planes Bombard Al-Shabaab Bases In Somalia

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopian military warplanes reportedly bombed several bases belonging to Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab terrorists in central Somalia.

Ethiopia Spends Very Little Money On Its Military?—?And It Works

AFRICANGLOBE - The Ethiopians “scare the Hell out of everybody,” Alexander Rondos, the European Union’s representative for the Horn of Africa, said in 2014. Ethiopia has one of the strongest armies in Africa, arguably outmatched only by Egypt, Algeria and South Africa. And these three countries spend far more on their militaries, both in per capita terms and in actual dollars, than Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Military Takes Delivery Of T-72 Tanks

AFRICANGLOBE - It appears that the Ethiopian military is receiving T-72 main battle tanks from the Ukraine, with a consignment delivered last month. According to IHS Jane’s, satellite imagery taken on August 24 at the Otkyabrsk port in the Ukraine showed 16 tanks and other equipment waiting to be loaded. Apparently, the tanks were loaded onto the Ocean Power cargo vessel, which departed on September 7 for Djibouti.