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Ethiopia: The Secret To Ethiopia’s Counterterrorism Success

AFRICANGLOBE - For many experts closely following events in the Horn of Africa and the fight against terrorism, Ethiopia stands out as having been exceptionally successful. But what makes Ethiopia's doctrine so successful?

Ethiopia Cautious About Establishing Buffer Zone In Somalia

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia is considering the establishment of a buffer zone inside Somalia to deter cross-border attacks from Al-Shabaab with high caution, a senior government official said. Media reports indicated this week that Ethiopia and its southern neighbor Kenya are in discussions to create a buffer zone inside Somalia along their respective borders.

Fresh Headache For Uganda As Ethiopian Army Enters Juba

AFRICANGLOBE - The first group of 90 Ethiopian peacekeepers have arrived in the South Sudan capital Juba, as the elements of Igad’s regional Protection and Deterrent Force begin to fall into place. Their arrival a fortnight ago, however, does not pave the way for the near-term withdrawal of Ugandan troops.

Somali Residents Welcome Ethiopian Troops After al-Shabaab Defeat

After three years of killings and violence under the rule of al-Shabaab terrorists, residents of the Somali city of Baidoa said they were happy...