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Ethiopian Jews Challenging Israeli Police Brutality Through Song

AFRICANGLOBE - Throughout the decades, Ethiopian Jews have suffered discrimination. In the late 1990s, it was discovered that Israel’s health services were throwing out blood donations from Ethiopian Jews allegedly over fears of diseases contracted in Africa. Accusations have also been raised that Israel has deliberately tried to curb birth rates in its Ethiopian Jewish communities. Today there’s around 150,000 people in the Israel Ethiopian community, some 2% of the country’s 9 million citizens.

Racism Against Black People Is So Bad In Israel This American...

AFRICANGLOBE - American rapper Azealia Banks has tweeted out a lengthy list of her grievances with Israeli people after she says she was racially and sexually harassed on a trip to Tel Aviv. The artist claimed that she was treated rudely on multiple occasions due to her skin color, including being subjected to extra security checks at the airport, facing hostility in restaurants and grocery stores, as well as being “purposefully coughed on” and “stepped on” in public.

Israel Is Torturing Ethiopian And African Refugees – NGO

AFRICANGLOBE - An NGO told the UN Committee on Torture in Geneva on Monday that while Israel has made certain improvements in recent years, that its apparatus still tortures and abuses Palestinian detainees, as well as shining a new focus on what it says is the same issue with Ethiopian and illegal African migrant detainees – particularly by police. Torture and abuse by police is more likely not only with Palestinians, but also with minorities like Ethiopians and African migrants.